Weekly Pull List 4/29/2015: BATMAN, FABLES, SPIDER-VERSE

Back to a regular length on this Weekly Pull List! The end to two awesome story arcs and a huge collection for Marvel fans!

Batman-40Batman #40

DC Comics
Scott Snyder (w)
Greg Capullo (a)

The final act of Endgame! Is the Joker all he has been making himself out to be? Which members of the Bat family will live to see another day?! This story has been non-stop fun and a must have for any Batman fans!









Batman-Vol-06Batman vol. 06 The Graveyard Shift HC

DC Comics
Scott Snyder (w)
Greg Capullo (a)

The tie-in collection featuring all the stories that weren’t directly tied in to larger arcs. Any of the issues that haven’t been collected pre-Endgame can be found here!










Convergence-04Convergence #4

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Stephen Segovia (a)

Earth-2’s surviving heroes head to the center of Skataris on their mission to destroy Telos. They go head to head with the Warlord, the only man standing between them and their victory! Telos spends the issue showing the beaten Grayson the many cities in which heroes fight each other to death. Grayson’s hopes are futile! At the end of the issue a surprise villain arrives, changing the course of the entire Convergence story!







Fables-Vol-21Fables Vol. 21 Happily Ever After TPB

DC Comics
Bill Willingham (w)
Mark Buckingham (a)

The last official collection of Fables is here! The final issue (#150) will be a trade collection in itself! This collection is being released so that both the single issue readers and the collection followers will be able to read the last story at the same time spolier free! Fable fans, the time to both celebrate and mourn is nearly here! Snow White and Rose Red go head to head in this collection as the rest of Fabletown attempts to find peace.

Collects Fables #141-149






Bitch-Planet-04Bitch Planet #4

Image Comics
Kelly Sue DeConnick (w)
Valentino Delandro (a)

As the death-match approaches Kam’s fighters may need to rely on an unknown team member to survive the coming trials! This breakout hit series is a must have for any and all DeConnick fans.









Cyber-Force-Vol-02Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 02 TPB

Image Comics
Marc Silvestri (w)
Khoi Pham (a)

Killjoy has been set loose in the world! She is on a mission to destroy Ripclaw and nothing will stand in her way! Not even her creators Cyber Data or the rest of the Cyber Force team!









Pisces-01Pisces #1

Image Comics
Kurtis J. Wiebe (w)
Johnnie Christmas (a)

Dillon Carpenter has been selected for a top secret one of kind mission. The ex-soldier NASA employee is to be sent to space as an envoy of the human race. He has been chosen to make First Contact!! While prepping for his mission Dillon’s haunted past resurfaces in his mind, warning and troubling him about things to come. This new series from the author of Rat Queens is sure to be a crazy ride in the form of a psychological body horror.







Red-One-02Red One #2

Image Comics

Xavier Dorison (w)
Terry Dodson (a)

As Vera Yelnikov begins to work on her cover, the U.S. citizen Albama Jones and her alter ego Red One she comes head to head with her mission target! The serial killer The Carpenter and Red One begin their battle for the U.S. populous’ affection in the second issue of this fun spy/superhero tale.








Rumble-05Rumble #5

Image Comics
John Arcudi (w)
James Harren (a)


The end of the first story arc is here! This series is just too much fun, too much pretty, too much awesome, too much everything! Fans of Arcudi and Harrens work in the Hellboy Universe need to be picking this series up. NEED to. The end of the first arc is set to explode with monster fights which will lead to the a bigger war in the upcoming arcs!







Spider-Verse-HCSpider-Verse HC

Marvel Comics
Various (w/a)

The collection of the multi-verse spanning Spider-Man epic is finally here! This HC collection may be a little pricey but with this much material TPB are hard to keep in good condition. As the Inheritors start killing all the verse’s Spider People they Spider-Men and Women must work together if they have any hope of surviving! This series features Superior Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Scarlet-Spider, Kaine, and many many more!

Collects Amazing Spider-Man #7-15, Superior Spider-Man #32-33, Spider-Verse #1-2, Spider-Verse Team-Up #1-3, Scarlet Spiders #1-3, Spider-Woman #1-4, Spider-Man 2099 #6-8, and part of the Free Comic Book Day Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) #1.



Be sure to check back next week to see what new collections and series will be coming out!

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