Weekly Pull List 4/8/2015: DESCENDER, RAT QUEENS, HAWKEYE

This Weekly Pull List is very Image Comics heavy and is a great list for readers looking for some new series! A few #1’s this week along with new story arcs beginning for some returning series!

Convergence-01Convergence #1

DC Comics
Scott Lodbell (w)
Carlo Pagulayan (a)

Last issue (the Convergence #0) gave readers a little perspective and brief introduction to one major player in the upcoming series. As Convergence begins this week all the regular series books will be halted and present their own Convergence two shot ties-ins! Event fans rejoice! Event haters run for the hill!


Wolf-Among-Us-04Fables: The Wolf Among Us #4

DC Comics
Matthew Sturges (w)
Shawn McManus (a)

The Trip Trap is Bigby’s next stop as he tries to uncover the truth. Gren and the Woodsman provide their input, though their stories conflict. Who is telling the truth, or what truths can he get from both of their tales? Another great cover by Chrissie Zullo adorns this fun Fables supplement.








birthright-6Birthright #6

Image Comics
Joshua Williamson (w)
Andrei Bressan (a)

With the Rhodes split up even more a new story arc begins. Mikey continues his less than noble quest to kill his competitors as his brother begins to notice something strange about his big-little-man brother! This series is a must have for fantasy adventure fans and this is a great point to jump in or catch up with the recently released trade paper back collection of the first arc!







Copperhead-06Copperhead #6

Image Comics
Jay Faerber (w)
Scott Godlewski (a)

A new story arc begins on a Friday which leads to the miner’s party night! As Sheriff Bronson struggles to keep the town under control her partner is offered a deal that he may not be able to refuse! This is the issue to jump in and join the adventure in this space western!








Descender_02Descender #2

Image Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)
Dustin Nguyen (a)

After the cliff hanger ending of the first issue TIM-21 is on the run! As the Scrappers gain on their poor quarry TIM’s arrival on the mining colony is explained! This breakout hit is a must have for lovers of space adventure, watercolors, epic galaxy building stories or…. just comics…if you like any form of comic this series is at least worth a look!







Jupiters-Circle-02Jupiters Circle #1

Image Comics
Mark Millar (w)
Frank Quitely (a)

Mark Millar’s superheroes from 50’s America have made the most of their abilities. Fame and riches are easy coming but things among their own begin to boil over. This prequel to Jupiter’s Legacy is sure to be another sensation with Quitely drawing the narrative! A must have for Millarworld fans!








Nameless-03Nameless #3

Image Comics
Grant Morrison (w)
Chris Burnham (a)

Things continue to get worse and worse as the team exploring the asteroid Xibalba discovers the remnants of a cosmic war. The tunnels of the asteroid hide even more answers and as the team searches further all truths are thrown in to question!








ODY-C-04ODY-C #4

Image Comics
Matt Fraction (w)

Christian Ward (a)

Will Odyssia pay the price for a quicker return home? What cost could the core of a fabled war ship have on her and her crew? The art in this series continues to blow my mind. Art fanatics must read this!









Rat-Queens-10Rat Queens #10

Image Comics
Kurtis J. Wiebe (w)
Stjepan Sejic (a)

In the aftermath of the battle against the Spawn of N’Rygoth the Rat Queens and Palisade attempt to put themselves back together. It may be easier to rebuild the city then the relationships that were destroyed in the fighting…








Hawkeye-02All New Hawkeye #2

Marvel Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)

Ramon K. Perez (a)

Can the Hawkeyes save some innocent kids as readers dive further in to Barton’s past life? What are the connections between his past and current lives? This new series started strong and appears to only be climbing!








I did not list any of the Convergence titles (other then the main story) in this list because there are just too many! I will be reading a lot of them but just can’t decide on which ones I want the most!

Which event tie-ins are you most excited for?

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