Amazing Nightwing Concept Art For TNT’S “TITANS”

So it’s not official YET but a photo featuring Nightwing for the new TNT show “TITANS” has surfaced.

The photo was a collaboration project between designer Ryan Crain, photographer Mark Edwards and actor/director Nick Theurer who is reportedly up for the role.

nightwing TNT


“Proud to share my newest collaboration with the talented photographer Mark Edwards, concept poster for the new TNT live action Teen Titans show being created titled “TITANS”. I contacted Actor/Director Nick Theurer as Nightwing, who is trying to be named as the actor who will play NIGHTWING in the upcoming series. Mark set up a shoot with him in LA a few weeks ago and captured some amazing images to get me started. Our concept was that this would be an origin piece set before he has his full suit and before everyone knows who or what he really is.”

I had no idea they were even talking about having a live action “Teen” Titans show so seeing this on my Facebook timeline threw me for a loop. I am, however, REALLY excited about the prospect of another DC related TV show airing. I don’t know who Nick Theurer is, but I really do like the way he looks as Nightwing!


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