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It’s one thing to read, to watch, to buy the artwork, to do the cosplay, but have you ever dreamed of living in a home themed around your favorite obsessions? Sometimes the stumbling block is a partner who wouldn’t approve, but it isn’t’ necessary to be cheesy in order to create a home like this. With the right approach, it can still look stylish and sophisticated, appealing not only to fellow fans but also to anyone who appreciates elegance.

Game on

There’s lots of appealing furniture out there of interest to gaming fans, from the minimalist chic of Igor Chak’s 8-bit style sofas to Aquili Alberg’s stunning Tron-inspired kitchen spaces. If you feel like splashing out, the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table is fully functional as both and looks stylish to boot. Black or white walls suit this kind of design best. Get some good shutters so you can make your game room properly dark at any time of day, invest in a good screen and speaker system and you can enjoy the perfect gaming experience in a room that’s easy to transform back into a comfortable social space for entertaining.


Simply Marvelous

Creating the Marvel look in your room starts with bright primary colors, with walls painted in red, blue or yellow creating the perfect backdrop. Complement them with framed posters or pages from your favorite comics. Official Marvel merchandise includes a range of drapes, bed linen and wall clocks you can use to build on the theme, but be careful not to go overboard. Your room will have more impact if you stick to simple pieces of design work like Captain America’s shield than if you let it get cluttered.


As an alternative, consider the kind of home a superhero might like to live in. We see a lot of Iron Man’s home and it’s surprisingly easy to create a similar look using ordinary glass panels and glass bricks. Chrome fittings can create a sense of luxury without actually being very expensive, and if you look out for sales you’ll be impressed by how affordable real leather furniture can be.

Visions of the future

Creating a futuristic look in your home provides the perfect backdrop for celebrating your favorite TV series. It can also look very stylish. Start with a monochrome palate, painting walls white with black trim, and then consider adding highlights in silver. Add modernist furniture and arrange it to highlight your technological devices – everything from your wall-mounted television to your sound system. Little touches like lava lamps can create that 1970s TV vibe, while if you want to go the whole hog, you could install a Star Trek style tube lift (actually the cheapest kind of lift on the market).


Decorating your home this way makes it relatively easy to work around objections and will still amaze your friends. It will mean that whenever there’s a games night, a film night or a TV marathon, your place will be the number one choice of location.

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