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Even Comic Moms Need Recognition – Top 5

Happy Mother’s Day Geeks!

I hope every mom out there is having breakfast in bed, watching their favorite tv show and is just taking it easy. You deserve it. You go moms!

Mothers or mother figures in comic books have been around for ages. What are superheros without parents or guardians? Some are well known parent’s and some we barely see but get glimpses of here and there. But nonetheless, mom’s in comics don’t nearly get enough love and recognition from us as readers as they deserve. They do so much for our beloved characters!

Here are my picks for five of the best mom’s in comic books!

Aunt May

aunt may

Aunt  May has had to deal with a lot from Peter but no matter what she always put him before herself. Even though she was suffering a pretty bad heart condition, she trucked on and raised Peter (even so denying that he was Spider-Man) and trying to get him together with Mary Jane. She’s be killed, been brought back to life and has even been shot but she never stopped working hard to give him everything he needed.

Queen Hippolyta

queen hippolyta

When she wanted a baby, she moulded one out of clay and got one and loved her ever since. Diana aka Wonder Woman has been one of the biggest female influences in comic book history for various reasons but she got all that she is from her amazing mother. She, herself, is very strong both physically and within her personality. Despite not wanting her daughter to go to the Man’s World she accepted that her daughter wanted to help people there and let her go off and do what she wanted. Despite not having many appearances in the comics, you know that she exists and what she is like just by watching Wonder Woman do her thing.




Alana gave birth to her daughter Hazel in a garage and still managed to escape what came next for her and Marko. All Alana wants to do in this series (Saga for those who aren’t aware) is protect her daughter from being killed by people who don’t approve of her and Marko’s relationship and their child. She will try to kill anyone and anything that tries to hurt Hazel and is basically one of the kick assiest mom’s out of all of the Image titles I have read thus far.

Sue Storm Richards

sue storm


Despite having two children of her own, she’s always acted as the mom for the team (which..I is her husband and another her brother but…) and just always gave off that maternal vibe with everyone. She had to use this magic rod to give birth to Franklin and was made to believe her second child died in womb when in fact she was alive and was the future daughter of her and Doctor Doom (WHAAAAT!?)! She’s had some hard times but still loved her children nonetheless. Even when Reed wasn’t the best of fathers and left her caring for them alone.

Martha Kent

martha kent

Thinking Superman was a gift from above, Martha took the baby in and named him Clark and loved him ever since. She has been known to be a mother figure to Supergirl, Mon-El and even Krypto in the past. Did you know that she even created (as in sewed and everything) his suit? And has a backup hidden? Where would Superman/Clark be without Ma Kent? That’s not something I really care to know as this woman has basically raised a pretty rad human being… know what I mean.

So that’s it!

Let’s give these awesome moms a round of applause and send them their official Best Mom cards because they deserve it!

I hope you moms out there have a great day! Stay awesome!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to those of us who treat our animals like our children too..that’s ALSO a hard job.

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