Figure Fantasy: The Only Coffee Table Book You Need

What happens when Battle Droids make their way into the Sideshow Collectibles warehouse?

What is a normal day off for Jango and Boba Fett?

Answer: Buy Figure Fantasy by Daniel Picard to find out.

Figure Fantasy: The Pop Culture Photography by Daniel Picard is a wholly unique collection of meticulously composed images, showcasing a variety of comic book and movie icons in realistic and often hilarious everyday settings. Using fan-favorite figures from Sideshow Collectibles, celebrated photographer Daniel Picard gives these classic heroes and villains a fresh twist, presenting them in a perfectly arranged, to-scale environment that create believable scenes and tongue-in-cheek parodies. Among the gallery of wonderfully conceived images in this coffee-table book are photographs of a Stormtrooper with a desk job, the Joker shopping for a Batman Halloween costume, and Harley Quinn taking a mirror selfie. Featuring a foreword by Kevin Smith, as well as an introduction by Daniel Picard detailing his one-of-a-kind take on pop culture parody, Figure Fantasy is a true treasure for fans, collectors, and photographers alike.


When I was asked if I wanted to review this book for the site, I JUMPED at the opportunity. I had seen some of Daniel’s work around the web so many times that hearing that there is a book comprised of some of his best works was just something I couldn’t pass on.

When you first open the book you’re greeted with an forward by Simon Pegg. Simon writes about how far toy collecting has come and about the magic of seeing these figures in everyday life. You also get a forward by the artist himself. Daniel writes about how his very first photo in this style came to be and after a push to continue from Sideshow themselves, he knew he had found something he’d truly enjoy doing.

Throughout the book you get to see a little less than 60 of Daniels photos. From a Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Star Wars crossover to a really cute Harley Quinn selfie. Not only does this book have a ton of whimsy and creativity but it makes you smile seeing the little details in some of the photos like all the actual real elements going on in the backgrounds of some of the images.


If you’re someone who grew up playing with toys and making them crossover into other worlds then you’ll love this book. It’s got something for everyone and even if you’re not a toy collector or a collector of Sideshow toys (though to be honest this book definitely makes me want to get one!) you wont be disappointed. Every page turned is like a new adventure for the reader and will leave you wondering “How does he do this!?”

I am truly excited to have this book in my collection and it’s definitely something I will be showing off to all of my friends who come over!

If you want you’re own copy of Figure Fantasy, you can get it on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Don’t forget to follow Daniel on Twitter and like his Facebook page because posts photos there all the time!

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