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Gotham “The Anvil and the Hammer” Recap

So Gotham runs aground with its Season One penultimate episode, filling an hour’s time with mostly nonsense centered around The Ogre, an obscure Bat-villain if there ever was one. Milo Ventimiglia had a ton of fun with the character, but ultimately the payoff and his somewhat-surprising death fell flat. Add in a dash of Barbara Gordon getting traumatized and going a bit nutso, and we are practically back to square one with a show that was starting to build something substantial.

Maybe it’s just a misstep, though. After all, we have the big reveal coming in the Season One finale involving The Batcave, The Penguin also taking up arms via a machine gun, and who the hell knows what’s next for Edward Nygma, a quiet man who is now a murderer. Also, as Gordon and Bullock finally make real ground in turning the GCPD around, Ben McKenzie is turning in the performance of his career each week by putting real weight behind the man that would become police commissioner.

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Ultimately, though, Gotham’s fate rests in how well it can tie all of the freshman seasons plot lines together, while also successfully planting the seeds for Season Two. This first outing of episodes have come together nicely, for the most part, and the show hits all the right notes when it focuses on being a crime drama set in Gotham City. But as Bruce gets older, his destiny comes ever closer. It’s only a matter of time before he takes that first step towards the cape and cowl. After all, this week he met Lucius Fox!

Fans, are you ready for the Season One finale of Gotham?

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