Mattel’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2015 Exclusives

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) has some of the most coveted convention exclusives ever, and 2015 is shaping up to be no different.  One company that continually produces great SDCC-Exclusive merchandise is Mattel!

For decades mattel has made toys worth collecting, and this year’s SDCC items are no exception!

[UPDATE: June 9]: The last two Mattel announcements are indeed Halo-related! Matty Collector has officially announced that the last two mystery items are a MEGA Bloks set featuring Master Chief, Spartan Jameson Locke, and The Arbiter.

MegaBloks-Halo-3pack MegaBloks-Halo-3pack-open

As for BOOMco? By the power of Grey Skull, they are a feast to behold!!! Not one, but TWO shooters (cause let’s be honest, you’ll want to play with a friend)!!! The set includes a nice UNSC supply-crate-inspired box (that you’ll probably want to handcuff to your wrist on the con floor) with one UNSC M6 Shooter, and one Horde Plasma Overcharge inspired gun! Both of these new collectibles are available for pre-order NOW!

Halo-BOOMco-guns-boxed Halo-BOOMco-guns

[UPDATE: June 2]: The SDCC Voucher sale is officially under way! And though we do not have specifics as to the exact items being offered, Mattel has brought in the teaser place-holders for their soon-to-be-announced (June 9) SDCC Exclusives! One is from SDCC regular MEGA Bloks, the other, BOOMco is new to Mattel and venture into toy artillery (and perhaps competitive hopeful to Nerf?). This screenshot was taken this morning from the Matty Collector voucher sale page. My personal guess, is that the BOOMco item will be Halo themed!

Mattel-BOOMco-MEGA Bloks-SDCC-Exclusive

On May 7th Matty Collector (Mattel‘s official site for collecting) announced its first round of collectibles, Ghostbusters‘ Egon Spengler in his attire from the Courtroom Battle:


And, from Masters of the Universe, a 3-pack of Hover Robots:


 and, a 2-pack featuring Rotar vs Twistoid:


In round two of Mattel‘s announcements, they introduced the DC-themed Thomas the Tank Engine crossovers:


And the stunning Ever After High‘s Raven Queen the Daughter of  as the Evil Queen herself:

ever after high-raven queen sdcc-promo

Round three gave us the Monster High exclusive 2-pack featuring reformed villains: Valentine and Whisp


And in round four the SDCC Monster High exclusive vinyl of Nefera De Nile donning her “Boo York” look in shiny metallic (or should we say: “Mattellic”?) paints:


Round Five of Mattel‘s SDCC Exclusives feature die-cast Marvel Secret Wars-themed Hot Wheels! These cars look super sweet, and, will have Real Rider® rubber tires. They come in a beautiful display box set, and feature Captain America, Iron Man, and, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!



There’s still TWO more San Diego Comic Con exclusives to be announced from Mattel June 9 (after the voucher sales)! Be sure to come back here to Agents of Geek to check out the news and pictures all in one post!

[Image Source: Matty Collector]

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