May the 4th: Gwendoline Christie’s Character Revealed!

Vanity Fair’s Star Wars cover spread doesn’t start appearing on newsstands until May 12, but there’s already a leaked image floating about concerning a certain trooper all clad in chrome armor. The scuttlebutt during Star Wars Celebration was that Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie is the Chrome Trooper. It was pure rumor at the time, having no origin in particular, but this image below finally confirms that rumor. Looks like Brienne of Tarth is movin’ on up.

Christie plays a First Order officer who goes by the name of Captain Phasma. Not much else is known about her yet, but who cares! We have a badass woman playing a badass-looking character. That’s enough for now.

And check it out, no boob armor!

Gwendoline Christie_Chrome Trooper

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