Ryan Reynolds Fulfills Child’s Wish to Meet Deadpool

We live in a great world where our favorite comic book characters are coming to life on the big screen and creating a whole new new generation of fans. Then, the actors who play said heroes go off to visit sick kids in costume, totally making their day. When this happens, you normally hear about Chris Pratt coming in as Starlord, Robert Downey Jr. posing with kids as Iron Man, and et cetera. Of of all of the MCU heroes out there right now, who would ever expect a request to meet Deadpool in person? Well, little Tony Acevedo made a wish, and actor Ryan Reynolds whole heartedly obliged.

Below is a picture from Reynolds’ Instagram page showing Acevedo on the set of FOX’s upcoming Deadpool movie, finally getting to meet his hero:


Reynold’s writes:

“Tony Acevedo asked Make A Wish Foundation if he could meet Deadpool. I wasn’t expecting him to sneak the mask, put on the gloves, smile… and then beat Deadpool about the face, arms and jugular with blazing speed. Tony’s next fight is with Hodgkin’s Disease. Hodgkin’s Disease best be wearing its brown pants. Huge thanks to @makeawishamerica.”

This is just great. And kudos to Acevedo’s parents for raising this kid right. He’s got good taste in heroes.

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