Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are Mutants No More

One of the more difficult things about reading comic books from major companies like Marvel and DC is the huge universe these stories have built over the years. I’m talking decades upon decades of baggage and continuity. Naturally there are going to be some crossed wires, aka retcons and continuity errors. Here’s an example: for 30 years, we thought twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were the progeny of Magneto. Their true origin has always been a bit suspect, but the constant has always been that Magneto was the daddy. Now…not so much.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have made two appearances in two separate Marvel movies: Age of Ultron and Days of Future Past. The latter implies that Magneto is the father. Because Disney/Marvel doesn’t own the X-Men, and therefore the term “Mutants,” Age of Ultron couldn’t necessarily mention Pietro and Wanda’s parentage. In fact, they have a different backstory all together. At first the comics started casting doubt on whether or not Magneto was indeed the twins’ father. After Age of Ultron premiered, Pietro and Wanda’s background is being retconned again.

ComicVine put up a preview of next week’s Uncanny Avengers #4One page offers the “true” (because not even death can stick in the world of comic books) revelation of Pietro and Wanda’s origin:

Uncanny Avengers #4

In case you’re wondering, no that is not Ultron, and no this robot man did not birth the twins himself. The third being in question is known as the High Evolutionary, “a being obsessed with genetically perfecting the human race beyond their current form, after giving himself superhuman intelligence and abilities through genetic experimentation.” According this page, Django and Marya Maximoff had always been their true parents, not Magneto. Furthermore, the twins were never born Mutants (?), but rather the High Evolutionary’s failed experiments — he believed the children turned out to be mere ordinary mutants instead.

This does absolutely nothing to Pietro and Wanda as characters. This revelation simply legitimizes the MCU’s interpretation of the twins and completely disparages FOX’s them from Days of Future Past. But the real question is: Why even bother?

source: i09

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