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The Big Bang Theory Season Eight Finale “The Commitment Determination” Recap

Ambiguity – a necessary evil one would guess. It helps with the great cliffhangers of print, film, and television. It is a tool that keep us coming back for more after a long hiatus of our favorite television program or feature film series.

And sometimes it can swing and miss.

Such was the case with The Big Bang Theory‘s Season Eight finale last week, entitled “The Commitment Determination,” which saw 4 storylines “end” with no real endings.

With Raj coming to a crossroads in his relationship with the at times unpredictable Emily, they go on a date in a cemetary at her request. Raj tries to breaks things off with her, but instead fears she may seek retribution for his termination of the relationship. Howard and Bernadette try to remove Stuart from Howard’s mother home, but instead feel remorse and guilt for trying to evict him on his birthday. These are the two minor Big Bang stories with no real conclusion, instead opting to leave us hanging for the Fall 2015 premiere to see what happens next.


Meanwhile Amy comes to her own crossroads with Sheldon and their three year relationship, an arc that has seen tremendous growth on Sheldon’s part this season. But it’s just not been enough for Amy, and she lets Sheldon know that it’s time to put up or shut up. As a result, Sheldon uncharacteristically buys her an engagement ring, with the big reveal coming in the show’s final scene. And the reveal fell flat, coming as out of character as you can get for Sheldon. It was just too quick of a development for Sheldon, like a Big Bang hail mary to bring us back around in the fall.

But by far the biggest issue with the Season Eight finale is the situation with Leonard and Penny. What started out as a promising episode for them as they plotted to elope to Las Vegas instead turned into yet another here-we-go-again scenario where they question if they are truly meant to be. I am done with this arc. This “will they or won’t they” diatribe has played out over and over again since the show debuted, and I’m finding myself completely turned off by having to revisit it once again. But god love Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting for putting up with it and making it work time and again; their great performances can make just about any bad story work.

Come on Big Bang writers, you can do better!

Fans, how did Season Eight end for you?

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