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Tomorrowland: A Place Where Nothing Is Impossible – Top 5

Tomorrowland recently came out and there has been an overwhelming amount of positive commentary about it (I have yet to see it myself, though). There hasn’t been much in the form of Merchandise for the movie but there are some out there and here is a round up of 5 Tomorrowland goodies to get for yourself OR a friend!




1. Replica Pins – For the person who wants to pretend to be transported to Tomorroland by touching it whenever they’re stressed out. Don’t all people pretend to be elsewhere when they’re stressed out? No? Okay. Well maybe just for the person who likes pins then.

2. ReAction Figures – ReAction figures are something I recently stumbled upon and now want to collect them all. They wasted no time coming out with ones for Tomorrowland so go and swoop up some of the memorable characters like Frank (young and old), Casey, Dave, David and more!

3. Pop! Vinyls by Funko – You can’t go wrong with a Funko Pop! They’re one of the more easier items to buy and collect. I’ve seen the Tomorrowland ones in person and they’re pretty amazing. While the Disney Store sells them at a pretty high price, I would check your local Barnes & Noble as they sell them for $8.95.

4. Tomorrowland Art Print – This one isn’t from the movie (I haven’t seen any posters or prints from the film yet) but is from Society6 where there are a few good Tomorrowland themed prints to buy.

5. Icon Tees – I definitely love the way these shirts look and I wish that more existed for the film. But for now, these are great simple tees for the t-shirt lover. If you’re not up for these, try looking for fan made ones on RedBubble or Society6.

I think my favorite items from this list are the Funko and ReAction figures. They’re the ones I would most likely buy for myself if I had the choice.
Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Will you be investing in Tomorrowland merchandise?

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