Weekly Pull List 5/13/2015: CONVERGENCE, SECRET WARS, THOR

This weekly pull list is longer than most! A health balance of publishers along with multiple collections (both hard cover and trade paperback) and multiple new series starting!


Harrow-County-01Harrow County

Dark Horse Comics
Cullen Bunn (w)
Tyler Crook (a)

Bunn begins another horrror story comic featuring Emmy, an eighteen year old girl who lives in a world surrounded by the undead, goblins and other creatures. Her connection to the creatures that loom in the darkness around her home begins to take a toll on her life. This is the first issue in a sure to be fun romp through a gothic horror world and story. Fans of B.P.R.D. and/or Wolf Moon should check this series out!







Lady-Killer-05Lady Killer #5 (of 5)

Dark Horse
Joelle Jones (w/a)

This is it! The last issue of this awesome mini-series hit! Jossie finally learns who wants her dead and the answer may shock you (definitely her)! Be sure to pick this issue up while you can and if you missed out on the earlier issues be sure to be on the look out of the first collected edition soon!









Unwrapped-Finch-HCBatman Dark Knight Unwrapped David Finch Deluxe HC

DC Comics
David Finch (w/a)

The Finch pencil only collection of Batman comics. Art fiends, this is a must! Finch’s pencil work has long been appreciated and pointed to as some of the best work in superheroes by both fans and professionals!

Collects Batman: The Dark Knight #1-3, Batman: The Return #1 and Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 2 #1-7, 9








Convergence-06Convergence #6

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Ed Benes (a)

With Telos no longer doing Brainiac’s bidding the heroes of the contained cities must turn their attention to a new enemy, Deimos! Can the heroes unite to take down this new powerful foe or will they succumb to his will? This series has been a fun, popcorn title that fans of the DC Multiverse will surely get a kick out of.








Earth-2-Worlds-EndEarth 2 Worlds End TPB Vol 1

DC Comics
Daniel H. Wilson (w)

Ardian Syaf (a)

The weekly series first collection is here! Fans of the Earth-2 series should definitely check this series/collection out! The events leading to the Earth-2 heroes fighting for survival in Convergence begin here. These versions of the major DC heroes are some of my personal favorites since the New 52 reboot and provide an awesome, often darker take, on heroes and what they mean.








Fables-Wolf-Among-05Fables The Wolf Among Us #5

Vertigo Comics
Matthew Sturges (w)
Shawn McManus (a)

As Bigby’s allies start falling can he push through and solve the mystery before he loses too much? Of course he can, he’s Bigby! This series continues to follow the Telltale game pretty closely but is still a fun read for big fans of Fables and for those who didn’t play the game of the same name.









green-lantern-06Green Lantern HC Vol. 06 The Life Equation

DC Comics
Robert Venditti (w)
Billy Tan (a)

With the New Gods taking over the emotional spectrum Metron begins his mission to steal secrets from the Corps and their Citadel. The Green Lantern’s, led by Hal, go head to head with the driven and very powerful god! The first introduction to Metron in the New 52, this story will get you primed for the upcoming Justice League story from Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok!








Aphro-IX-HCAphrodite IX Complete Oversized HC

Image Comics
Matt Hawkins (w)
Stjepan Sejic (a)

The first hardcover collection featuring everyone’s favorite Top Cow assassin Aphrodite IX! From the all-star writer/artist team Hawkins and Sejic comes the newest stories from the future of the Witchblade universe!









Birthright-07Birthright #7

Image Comics
Joshua Williamson (w)

Andrei Bressan (a)

As Mikey and his brother continue their mission to “save” Earth from Terrenos the mages secret weapon begins its hunt for the boys. Can Mikey keep his brother safe from their enemies and the evil he carries inside himself? This series just keeps getting better and is a must read for fantasy adventure fans!








Black-Science-14Black Science #14

Image Comics
Rick Remender (w)
Matteo Scalera (a)

The Dimensionauts continue their perilous mission as they attempt to save a dying reality from the Pillar! Is one of their own (from another dimension) back to their evil ways? This Sci-Fi time and reality bending saga keeps making twists and turns that make the story fun and fast paced for readers of all types!








Chrononauts-03Chrononauts #3

Image Comics
Mark Millar (w)

Sean Murphy (a)

Corbin and Danny continue to have fun and their way with history and the time stream! Some people have begun to take notice of the duo actions and attitudes and now they have enemies chasing them from both their time of origin and throughout history! Can they stay alive and hide within time or is the buddy adventure no one had ever dreamed of coming to a violent hault?! This series is a blast with awesome art and fast paced fun story telling. Millar and Murphy are a comic dream team!






East-West-19East of West #19

Image Comics
Jonathan Hickman (w)
Nick Dragotta (a)

Death’s son travels to ‘The Dead Wood’ and learns a valuable lesson about life and death. Will he change the direction of the world, or just end it? This series’ second arc continues and heads to darker places than ever before!









Injection-01Injection #1

Image Comics
Warren Ellis (w)
Declan Shalvey (a)

Five crazy people poisoned the 21st Century and now the world is falling apart because of it! The poisoners must return to save people from the damage they created! Ellis and Shalvey reunite for the first time since their acclaimed run on Moonknight to bring readers this Sci-Fi, horror story about time, regrets and the paranormal!








ody-c-05ODY-C #5

Image Comics
Matt Fraction (w)

Christian Ward (a)

As the ODY-C comes within leagues of their home rumblings of a mutiny begin to surface. Will the surviving crew make it home or will they become their own worst enemies?!










Revival-Vol-05Revival Vol 5 Gathering of Waters

Image Comics
Tim Seeley (w)

Mike Norton (a)

Things continue to get worse for Em and Dana in the fifth collection of this horror series. Em looks for her to be child’s father while Dana gets caught up in a Reviver conspiracy. Fire and destruction ensues!









DT-House-Cards-03Dark Tower Drawing of Three House of Cards

Marvel Comics
Robin Furth (w)

Piotr Kowalski (a)

Eddie comes face to face with Balazar in the Leaning Tower! Balazar holds Eddie’s brother’s life hostage demanding the drugs Eddie has lost. Can Eddie get out of this bind and save his brother? Or is it every sibling for themselves? This series continues its retelling and slight expansion on the hit Dark Tower novel series from Stephen King. King fans, this is a must read!








Secret-Wars-2Secret Wars #2

Marvel Comics
Jonathan Hickman (w)

Esad Ribic (a)

With the fight between the regular and ultimate Marvel universes in full swing who will survive, if anyone?! The fun out of this world Marvel event of the summer continues!









thor-vol-01Thor Premiere HC Vol 1 Goddess of Thunder

Marvel Comics
Jason Aaron (w)

Russell Dauterman (a)

The first collection of the hit series featuring Thor, after Thor himself was deemed unworthy by Mjolnir. A mystery woman has answered the call and lifted Mjolnir, becoming the new Thor, to save Earth from and invasion of Frost Giants! This series is a fun continuation of Aaron’s amazing Thor series.

Collects Thor #1-5 (2015)








A long list this week! Boy is it a good time to be reading comics! Be sure to check back next week for more Secret Wars and Convergence!

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