Weekly Pull List 5/27/2015: FIGHT CLUB, OLD MAN LOGAN, SANDMAN

This Weekly Pull List has multiple first issues (Battleworld is still just kicking off!) as well as the end of an event mini-series! Beginnings and endings and so much in between!


Fight-Club-01Fight Club 2 #1

Chuck Palahniuk (w)
Cameron Stewart (a)

It’s here! I can’t talk about it. Ten years after the novel ended things are about to get crazy again. Tyler’s finally back!










Convergence-08Convergence #8

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Carlo Pagulayan (a)

The end of the Convergence is here! All the heroes have arrived. Who will survive in to the one universe, who will be lost from time and space forever?! Telos, Earth-2‘s heroes and the rest newly arrived New 52 heroes put everything on the line in this finale. It is going to be nuts.









Sandman-Overture-05Sandman Overture #5

DC/Vertigo Comics
Neil Gaiman (w)
J. H. Williams (a)

After a long break the Overture is back! Everything is on the line as Dream continues his journey. This mini-series has been some of J. H. Williams best work yet, a true visual masterpiece and must have for any art fans!









Suiciders-04Suiciders #4

DC/Vertigo Comics
Lee Bermejo (w/a)

Straniero finally gets to fight in a ring, but the ring is the street and his rival is The Beast. This is fight that will change things for Straniero forever! This series just keeps getting better and better with a plot that continues to get more intricate!









Invincible-120Invincible #120

Image Comics
Robert Kirkman (w)
Ryan Ottley (a)

Thragg and Battle Beast’s multiple issue battle final comes to a bloody close! Who will win? Will Invincible and the coalition need to step in?! Will Battle Beast finally get his honorable death? So many questions, just one fight.









Pisces-02Pisces #2

Image Comics
Kurtis J. Wiebe (w)
Johnnie Christmas (a)

Dillon continues this strange journey as he arrives home after the Vietnam war. Things are bad at work and worse at home as he struggles to keep his sanity, Then his dead war buddy starts talking to him. Dillon’s grip on reality is a loose thing at best. The first issue of this Sci-Fi, psychological series was trippy ride and the second is looking to do the same!








Postal-04Postal #4

Image Comics
Bryan Edward Hill (w)
Isaac Goodhart (a)

A shaken Mark heads out to protect the town he grew up in. Even though his mother and the mayor of the town will not help him he is unwilling to give up. If he can save the people and town he loves he may never be the same.









Wayward-08Wayward #8

Image Comics
Jim Zub (w)
Steven Cummings (a)

Ayane’s origins are revealed in the third issue of Wayward’s second story arc! What kind of strange past does Ayane have!? Will she and her new friends be able to save her old friends before it’s too late? Fans of manga, Japanese myths, or just plain weird stories, this book is for you!









Hawkeye-03All New Hawkeye #3

Marvel Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)
Ramon K. Perez (a)


Hawkeye’s past and present continue to unfold. Lemire simultaneously tells us what makes Clint Hawkeye and what will take it all away from him. This series has been fun, real and beautifully drawn by Perez. All New Hawkeye is a must have for Clint Barton fans everywhere!








Inferno-1Inferno #1

Marvel Comics
Dennis Hopeless (w)
Javi Garron (a)

When demons rose up out of Hell in Manhattan fiver years ago the term Hell on Earth” took on new meaning. The X-Men attempted to save the city and send the Demons back to where they came from but failed. Now Piotr is heading back in with his own hand selected team on a mission to not only save New York but also his sister. Who knows what happened to Magik in the time since Colossus lost her to Hell!








attilan-rises-01Inhumans Attilan Rising #1

Marvel Comics
Charles Soule (w)
John Timms (a)

Medusa, leader of the Inhumans on Battleworld has been charged with uncovering the leader of the rising rebellion. When Black Bolt steps forward as the Rebellion’s instigator things take a turn. King vs Queen, the lovers quarrel of the century. This is a must read for Inhuman fans!









Old-Man-Logan-01Old Man Logan #1

Marvel Comics
Brian Michael Bendis (w)
Andrea Sorrentino (a)

In the Wastelands villains rule. Their arch-heroes are dead. There is one mutant in the land that could change things for the better, Old Man Logan! Fans of the original series, Bendis’ on point writing or Sorrentino’s exceptional art should pick this series up!









Valiant-01The Valiant TPB

Valiant Entertainment
Jeff Lemire (w)
Matt Kindt (w)
Paolo Rivera (a)

The Eternal Warrior, the Immortal protector of Earth faces his ultimate enemy, the only thing to have ever truly defeated him. The Immortal Enemy has returned! This time the Eternal Warrior has gathered his best team yet and may actually be victorious! Read as the heroes of the Valiant Universe join together to save their world!

Collects The Valiant #1-4






The Valiant universe continues to get better and better! Make sure you keep an eye on it as things continue to heat up with movie deals and hot talent starting to work there. The end of Convergence has arrived! Be sure to check in the next couple weeks as new DC series get up and running and Battleworld continues to get crazy!

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