Weekly Pull List 5/6/2015: BALTIMORE, MAD MAX, SECRET WARS

Today we have a great Weekly Pull List. Both DC and Marvel‘s major events have issues this week! Dark Horse and IDW have some issues and Image, as always, makes a solid appearance.

Cult-of-Red-King-01Baltimore Cult of the Red King #1

Dark Horse Comics
Mike Mignola (w)
Peter Bergting(a)

Lord Baltimore goes head to head with the legendery Red King in this new mini-series. Fans of the Hellboy universe need to be pick this (and any Baltimore collection they haven’t read) on Wednesday!









Batman-Earth-One-Vol-02Batman Earth One HC Vol. 02

DC Comics
Geoff Johns (w)
Gary Frank (a)

The second part in the Batman Earth One series is finally here! Written by DC Comics fan favorite Geoff Johns and drawn by superstar artist Gary Frank this hardcover collection is sure to astound Batman fans of all kinds. The Riddler makes his first appearance in the Earth One universe but he is not alone! Gary Frank is sure to create an interesting rendition of Killer Croc in this book too!








Convergence-05Convergence #5

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Andy Kubert (a)

Brainiac is free and has a very large bone to pick with Telos! The heroes of Earth-2 are caught up in the epic battle of the creator and his creation! Which heroes will survive, which will die!










Hinterkind-18Hinterkind #18

Vertigo Comics
Ian Edginton (w)
Francesco Trifolgi (a)

The Dragon is here! Old and new alliances are broken and forged! Will humans survive the war and find a place to live among the Hinterkind or will they be an extinct creature of the past? Things are heating up and the risks have never been higher.









Mad-Max-Art-BookMad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists Deluxe Ed HC

Vertigo Comics
Various (a)

To pump fans up for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie releasing next week Vertigo Comics is releasing a collection of art inspired by the Fury Road movie by fan favorite comic artists. Fans of the movie, can’t wait for next week? This is your answer!









Names-09Names #9 (of 9)

Vertigo Comics
Peter Miligan (w)
Leandro Fernandez (a)

The final issue in this crazy sci-fi mini-series is here! How will Philip deal with who, or what, his new girlfriend really is? Can he learn how to deal with the Dark Loops that hide within our reality? What will Katya do when she learns who killer her husband? All the answers, or most, can be found in this last issue!








Wolf-Moon-06Wolf Moon #6 (of 6)

Vertigo Comics
Cullen Bunn (w)
Jeremy Haun (a)

Dillon must stop an insane killer who is using old magic to turn the Wolf in to a weapon of his own. Can Dilon and Cayve stop the mad man, the wolf and save themselves? Unlikely the way things have been going in this series but one can hope!









Orphan-Black-03Orphan Black #3

John Fawcett (w)
Cat Staggs (a)

This issue focuses on Allison and her (attempted) dealings with suburban life. What new crazy plan or idea will pop up in her head? This comic series is a must have for fans of the show.









Descender-03Descender #3

Image Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)
Dustin Nguyen (a)

More history is revealed as TIM-21 hangs on for dear life (…existence)! Nguyen‘s art and Lemire‘s writing create one of the absolute best Sci-Fi series out there!










Wic-Dic-10Wicked & Divine #10

Image Comics
Kieron Gillen (w)
Jamie McKelvie (a)

With the arrival of Ragnarock the end of all gods is nigh! Will all the prophecies come true or will the rules be broken yet again with this newest round of gods.










Inhuman-Annual-01Inhuman Annual #1

Marvel Comics
Charles Soule (w)
Ryan Stegman (a)

The first Inhuman annual promises to bring together Inhumans from the entire series! Who will be left standing for the beginning of the Secret Wars crossover event?!










Secret-Wars-01Secret Wars #1

Marvel Comics

The event is here! This is the first issue in the very long, very epic crossover event! Be sure to get this issue while you can before they are gone from the shelves forever.










A few Marvel firsts, the end of a few Vertigo series and even the return of one of my favorite Hellboy characters with the new Baltimore series!

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