Darth Vader Strikes In ‘STAR WARS: REBELS’ Clip

We are just four days away from the season two premiere of Star Wars: Rebels and IGN came from the heavens with a pretty sweet clip from the one-hour season two premiere!

As teased at the end of Season 1, Darth Vader is a big new player in Season 2, as the Dark Lord of the Sith (once again voiced by James Earl Jones!) arrives to take care of this growing Rebel problem once and for all. And that’s not all, as Vader isn’t the only new inclusion to Rebels, with fan favorites Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) and Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) returning from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (x)

I couldn’t get the official video from the IGN site but luckily someone uploaded it onto YouTube. If you want to see it in better quality, head over to the IGN article to check it out!

The Rebels season two premiere will air Saturday, June 20 at 9:00pm on Disney XD. It’s going to be a standalone event with the rest of the season airing this fall.

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