DC Collectibles San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusives

DC Collectibles – the toy and collector line for DC Entertainment announced three exclusives items that will be sold during San Diego Comic Con. They have been releasing some memorable items in the past years and I doubt this year will be any different!

DC Super Pets Krypto Plush Toy – based on the art work of artist Art Baltazar. This cute and adorable plush stands at 6″ tall and is priced at $9.95. Krypto is part of their DC Super Pets plush line.

SDCC DC Collectibles Krypto Plush

DC Comics BlueLine Edition Jim Lee action figure (Standard Edition) – The first figure in the BlueLine series will be Batman and is designed by comic book artist Jim Lee and sculpted by Jack Mathews . The figure will also include a Jim Lee print. The BlueLine figure is priced at $40.00.

DC Comics BlueLine Editon Jim Lee action figure (Limited Edition) – Similar to the standard edition but instead of the Jim Lee print each of the limited edition Batman BlueLine figure will include a original sketch drawn and signed by Jim Lee. Only 150 of them will be made and the original sketch will be one of three characters from the Batman universe – Batman, The Joker, or Harley Quinn. This limited edition piece is priced at $300.00

SDCC Blue Line Batman DC Collectibles


I don’t know which item I’m more excited for, the Krypto plush or the BlueLine Batman figure by Jim Lee!! They are both great exclusives and will appeal to everyone at any age! I don’t think I will get the limited edition BlueLine but the standard figure is definitely on my radar.  I will be picking up Krypto for sure.

Which items do you plan on getting from DC Collectibles?

And make sure you check back with us as we continue to report on all the SDCC exclusives that we can!

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