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E3 2015: Limited Edition Disney Infinity 3.0 STAR WARS Saga Set For PlayStation

During Sony’s conference at E3, John Vignocchi from Disney Interactive announced the Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Saga Starter Set which will be exclusive to the PlayStation platforms this fall.

PlayStation’s limited edition Star Wars Saga Starter set which will not only included Star Wars Twilight Of The Republic starter set but you will also get Star Wars Rise Against The Empire play set a month before it is set to be released. That’s right PlayStation fans, you will get both play sets together, at launch. And if you saw the trailer for Star Wars Rise Against The Empire that was premiered at E3n (check it out above), you also saw Boba Fett. He will be apart of the Star Wars Saga Set and it will be the only to play him in the game before the holidays.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Fett

I am a huge fan of the Disney Infinity games and I thought nothing could beat Disney Infinity 2.0 when they included the Marvel play sets but I think they have outdone themselves with 3.0. I will for sure be pre ordering this limited edition set. The question though, do I want to continue playing the series on my PlayStation 3 or do I order it for my PlayStation 4?

The limited edition Disney Infinity Star Wars Saga set which includes Star Wars Twilight Of The Republic, Star Wars Rise Against The Empire, and the Boba Fett figure will be released this fall exclusively for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

(Via: PlayStation E3)

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