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E3 2015: STAR FOX ZERO Announced For The Wii U

“Hey Fox! Do a barrel roll!!”

Fox McCloud and gang are back and this time in high definition thanks to the Wii U. Kicking off Nintendo’s Digital Event at E3, it was announced that Star Fox Zero will be released this holiday season on the Wii U.

Star Fox Zero Wii U

The trailer showed off three different usable vehicles, the Arwing, landmaster, and Gyro wing each with an alt mode which is new. For instance the Arwing does a flip and turns in to what I call a chicken walker. The Gyro wing dropped a little robot from it’s cockpit which is attached to a line. I can’t wait to see more game play with that vehicle.

In one of the best examples of dual screen usage, you’ll get to see what is going on around you on your television while the Wii U game pad will give you a cockpit view for aiming and other detail work that may pop up. I like that the trailer show examples of the dual screen in use.

Ideas were used from the past to develop this version of the game but as Shigeru Miyamoto said, “It’s not a part 4 or a part 5. It’s not a remake either.”

I am the biggest fan of Star Fox (SNES) and Star Fox 64 and am super happy to see a polished game with the same feel to it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and try out the dual screen experience. Maybe my accuracy will be better. Who knows.

Star Fox Zero is set to be released this holiday on the Wii U. 

(Via: Nintendo Digital Event)

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