Funko’s SDCC Exclusives Wave 6

Funko has been releasing what exclusives they will be having at SDCC in waves and con goes have been having mild heart attacks with every wave announcement.

The 6th wave is no different, giving us a new ReAction figure, a new flocked Pop and some cute Dorbz!

Check out the images below from to see what new exclusives we’ll be having to hunt down!

Dorbz-Batman-1950s-Batman-SDCC Dorbz-XL-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-6-Mossy-Groot-SDCC Pop-DisneyPixar-Inside-Out-Sparkle-Hair-Joy Pop-TV-Once-Upon-A-Time-Regina-SDCC Pop-TV-Sesame-Street-6-Flocked-Mr.-Snuffleupagus ReAction-Arrow-Arrow-Unmasked-SDCC



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