It’s A New Beginning In Starfire #1 – Comic Review

Starfire #1
Amanda Conner
Jimmy Palmiotti
Emanuela Lupacchino
Ray McCarthy
June 10, 2015
DC comics, $2.99

I’ve been waiting a while for this issue to come out. I don’t know much about Starfire beyond what I’ve seen on Teen Titans. I was interested in how this Starfire would turn out especially with Jim Palmiotti and Amanda Conner taking over. They were another reason why I invested interest in this comic. I’m happily reading their other work of another unique lady, Harley Quinn. I’ve been becoming more and more a fan of the Harley Quinn series they’ve brought to life and expect the same for Starfire. I would suggest you first read the DC Seak Peek for this before reading. It’s not really necessary but it does show how Starfire chose the place she did and why.


I love Starfire’s personality the most so far. Oh, that’s right she haven’t introduced herself as “Starfire” but as, what she prefers to be called, Kori. I knew she was going to be novice to having a regular life on Earth but how it was brought about in the issue made it enjoyable. Not just her responses to her new experiences but her thought process as she experiences them. There was a scene where she was offered “3 big ones” in exchange for some jewels she had in her bag to gain money. Though it wasn’t said out loud, the comic showed that she thought he meant 3 big elephants. In discussing where to put it of either in a bank or her pocket, she thought 3 big elephants couldn’t possible fit in her lack of an outfit so the bank would be the best option. And don’t have her break up a simple fight between civilians. One blast from her and it’s over. Yes, the residents of Key West will have their hands full with this one.

We have our supporting cast of characters that will help out Kori’s new life. We don’t get too much on the background of Sheriff Stella Gomez but I think she will be a great asset to Kori. Gomez did take Kori out for some beers so, yes, I like this girl already. Just in this one issue alone she had to deal with first Kori’s unique presence and situation, her attire, her social interaction with dealing with a brawl, and her “method of learning a new language”. She’s been calm, well more calm than others might have, through it all so you can tell she could probably handle more to come from Kori. It’s amazing how this new relationship seems more like best friends of different personalities than two strangers who just met. A scene that comes to mind is when Kori learns her real name. Gomez shares the story of how she was named after her grandmother who had passed from cancer a few years ago. This makes Kori shed tears and eventually Gomez herself. This was small, maybe kinda awkward, moment but it’s a start.


Dealing with Kori’s new place of residency are Tina and her grandson Boone. We also don’t get much into them in this issue but Kori already thinks Boone “is beautiful.” He gets kissed by her “to learn more English” and even gets to see her naked. Who knows how much more he’ll experience with her. Her new landlady, Tina, seems like a nice old lady but bless her heart for confusing an exterior design on Kori’s new trailer from the previous resident as a flower and not recognizing it a a marijuana plant. We do get a glimpse into another character, Gomez’s brother Sol, and what he does. We also prey a little into his life thanks to his co workers. It seems he’s been throwing himself into his work and it’s been suggest that “he needs something or someone else to come into his life.” It’s clearly because of a lose (not sure how exactly thought it’s likely death) of a woman and what luck, there is a new girl in town. Though the two characters haven’t meet yet, I’m guessing their paths will cross and could possibly lead down that road.

It’s Palmiotti and Connor’s storytelling that really brings Starfire to life . Each scene is not too long and it conveys just what it needs to and transitions well from one scenario to the next. The illustrations by Emanuela Lupacchino have just been beautiful. I still can’t get over how the end of Kori’s hair long hair is fire. Starfire #1 is a fun read and definitely recommended by me. I’m looking forward to how the rest of the situation gets handled in the next issue.

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Sabrina Brown

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