New SMS Audio x Marvel Collection

SMS Audio is back with their newest collaboration, the SMS Audio x MARVEL collection!!!

Iron Man was the first headphone to be revealed which happened at the XGames Next X Park. The headphones will come in ‘hot-rod’ red and gold just like Iron Man’s suit with the Arc Reactor on exterior of the earphones.

Iron Man SMS Audio x Marvel Headphones

The following day they announced their next release of headphones! Black Widow is joining the line up and OMG I want it!  Designed with her signature colors of black and red, they will include her hourglass emblem on the exterior.  I definitely need a pair! They look amazing! I think I am going to pass on the Darth Vader and pick up Black Widow instead.

Black Widow SMS Audio x Marvel Headphones

Yesterday saw their third headphone announcement  and joining the Marvel x SMS Audio collection – Captain America. The headphones will be in blue and white with Steve’s shield design on the exterior.

Captain America SMS Audio x Marvel Headphones

No word yet of a release date and if this will be it for the collection. I’m hoping for a pair of Gamora headphones or may be Ant-man! If they release headphones for Hawkeye, I will totally say they are Kate Bishop headphones. I can’t wait to see this set in store.

SMS Audio also has an amazing collection of Star Wars headphones for sale right now- R2-D2, Chewbacca, Tie Fighter, Darth Vader; and they sound great. I got to try them out at Star Wars Celebration. Also fellow Agent of Geek Travis got to review their R2-D2 headphones and you can check it out here.

Which headphone do you plan on purchasing? Which character are you hoping will be released?

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