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Spending a Weekend at HeroesCon – My Top 10 Cosplays

HeroesCon happened this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. HeroesCon has slowly built itself up over the years as one of the best comic book (emphasis on comic book) conventions in the United States. I was lucky enough to attend all three days and while there, I spotted some pretty amazing cosplays. While I didn’t get enough pictures of cosplays, I did spot a few of my favorites that I had to share with you all.

PS: I couldn’t get everyones names, tumblr’s, twitters, etc, so if you see someone you know or if you’re pictured below, comment below or tweet me and I’ll add your info to the post.

1. Furiosa by unknown (Mad Max: Fury Road)

IMG_57972. Scarlet Witch by Barb (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

IMG_59683. Cosplay inspired by Mad Max: Road Warrior by Unknown (If wrong, please correct me.)

IMG_58034. Belle by Toni (Beauty and the Beast)

IMG_57375. Agent Carter by Unknown


IMG_59146. Squirrel Girl by Unknown

IMG_5724Super amazing Bitch Planet cosplays by Unknown.


IMG_5752I’m a bit unsure as to what cosplay this is, but it looked amazing and the detail was mind blowing. Also by Unknown.

IMG_57919. DC cosplay group by Unknown.


IMG_5915Iron Man, a Furry, and a Spartan, all by Unknown.

IMG_5931Which cosplay was your favorite?

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