STAR WARS Second Edition SMS Audio (R2-D2) Headphones Unboxing and Review

If you’ve attended Star Wars Celebration or just happen to follow the right people on social media, then you’ve probably seen the brand new, second edition, SMS Audio Star Wars headphones. Whether it be the Chewbacca, Darth Vader, TIE Fighter, or R2-D2 pair, they’ve definitely made their rounds on the internet.

I’ve been a huge fan of the SMS Audio Star Wars lines, so when they contacted us asking if we’d like to review a pair, I was ecstatic! Mainly because I’d get to talk about Star Wars, but also because these headphones are quite amazing. This past Celebration, SMS Audio teased us with the second edition of their Star Wars line featuring some fan favorites. I loved them all, but the Artoo ones specifically jumped out at me. I love Artoo, plus the colors and build were just beautiful. The pair that SMS Audio sent me arrived the day before I left for Star Wars Weekends, so I thought I’d test them throughout the weekend because it was the perfect setting!

The R2-D2 headphones are spectacular, for lack of a better word. I used these all throughout Star Wars Weekends and during the 16 hour car drive there and back and didn’t have single problem from them. They were comfortable and also the noise canceling ability really helped. They were quite popular among the crowds as well. (They were actually selling them at Darth’s Maul.) I honestly have no complaints about these headphones other than that if you wear them for prolonged periods of time (I’m talking hours), they do make your ears sore. But then again, not everybody will fall asleep to the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack, right?


Choose from R2-D2™, Chewbacca™, Tie Fighter™ and Darth Vader.™ Or collect all four! These On-Ear Wired headphones are sleek, ultra-durable and comfortable. The professionally tuned 40mm drivers deliver amazing clarity and richness without distortion, for the same great sound as our other headphones.


You can grab your own pair of Star Wars Second Edition SMS Audio headphones here.

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Travis Grimm

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