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THE DUFF – Blu-ray Review

2015 is already shaping to be a big year for books-turned-movies. Mostly Young Adult novels will be getting the silver screen treatment, but one of the first to make its debut is the highly anticipated book to screen adaptation, The Duff.


Frumpy high-school senior Bianca (Mae Whitman) has a rude awakening when she learns that her classmates secretly know her as the DUFF — designated ugly fat friend — to her prettier and more popular pals. Desperate to reinvent herself, Bianca enlists the aid of Wesley (Robbie Amell), a charming jock. In order to save her senior year from becoming a complete disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow a judgmental student (Bella Thorne) and revolutionize the school’s social order.

The Duff has been on my “must watch ASAP” list since I first saw the trailer. I, of course, picked up the book as soon as I could. I wanted to see what they changed from the book and how the story would be told on screen. After finally watching the film, I will say, before jumping in, they did change quite a bit. Starters, there is no “Nest”, we now have a mean girl who goes by Madison Morgan, and Wesley and Bianca have been friends since childhood who are now neighbors. Oh, and the sex? Non-existent. Also Bianca’s dad is nowhere to be found. These are just a few of the changes made from the book to the screen, but to be honest, I didn’t mind them. If you’re a die hard fan of the book, I’m sure this will disappoint you to no end, but just viewing this film as something that was inspired by the book will make your experience so much more enjoyable.

I found the relationship between Bianca and Wesley to be much more fun than the books. In this film, they’re basically best friends that despise each other. They hangout, talk about life, etc, As in the book, Bianca and Wesley are practically aliens to each other, who happen to stumble across each other one night at the “Nest”, which was a teen night club that, like I said, didn’t make it into the movie.

THE DUFF - 2015 FILM STILL - Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman - Photo Credit: Guy D Alema   Lionsgate and CBS Films. © 2014 Granville Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.
THE DUFF – 2015 FILM STILL – Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman – Photo Credit: Guy D Alema
Lionsgate and CBS Films. © 2014 Granville Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The film follows a more straightforward route, something comparable to Easy A, where the main character tries to change who she is to impress X. The Duff isn’t as strong on that front as Easy A, but it’s more of the first layer of a really fun movie. I found the character of Bianca to be super relatable and plain awesome. Mae Whitman was the perfect casting choice for Bianca, as well as Robbie Amell for Wesley. I didn’t have a full picture of who I wanted to star in the movie adaptation, but they fit the mold perfectly. Their performances were A+ and the onscreen chemistry was palpable.

All in all, The Duff may have changed quite a bit of its story, but at the end, it had the same principals and was just a fun movie to watch. I think I used “fun” quite a bit in this review, but it’s true. The Duff was fun and I’d recommend to it to anyone looking for a comforting, relatable, teen romance comedy.

Blu-ray special features:

The DUFF hits the red carpet
Extended gag reel
Bringing the book to life
Teen comedies and The DUFF
I am the DUFF
The DUFF files


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