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At first glance, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Volumes of Blood. Based on the poster, it immediately drew my attention. While the synopsis (below) didn’t quite win me over at first, how the movie came together did. And after viewing the film in full, trust me, you’re going to want to watch this.


A sociology student gathers several friends at the local library on Halloween night to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences; Lily is in for a late night of researching and needs something to keep her going. It isn’t until she’s approached by a stranger that her luck may change – for the worse; a typical night of work for a librarian becomes a classic ghost story with a modern twist. Sometimes you can’t keep a bad book down; Sidney is allowed to stay after hours to study for a test. It’s not until she awakens in the darkened library that she realizes the truth of what lurks among the books after midnight. She better pray she doesn’t become the prey; Paige faces regrets that she’d do anything to take back. When an ancient and arcane spell book falls into her lap, she decides to make a grave decision. Be careful what you wish for, it might just kill you.

Volumes of Blood has this unique feel to it. Yes, we’ve seen the anthology horror film before but with lots of modern horror films, more specifically indie horror films, shot this way, they always seem to have this slick, very glossed over look to them. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, when making a film where you want to make the audience feel as though it’s real, it sometimes takes away from the film. Luckily, Volumes of Blood has the opposite effect. It doesn’t just look like it was shot in a library at 2am, it feels like. It feels as if this was a passion project, that people did spend all their free time making a horror film and in today’s films within the horror genre, that in itself is worth appreciating and supporting.

Before watching, you must be aware that yes, the performances aren’t that great, the editing style and direction might be way different than anything you’re used to it, but that’s what makes Volumes of Blood stick out! It’s not that it’s awful or unwatchable, it’s that you can tell they’ve all put their best work forth and it shows. It’s part of Volumes of Blood’s charm. Don’t compare to today’s recent horror films, let it standalone and appreciate it for what it is. Because if you do, I can already tell that you’ll love everything this film has to offer.


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Travis Grimm

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