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I haven’t gotten to experience the magic that is Inside Out but working where I do, I see Inside Out merchandise everyday and I get to see their bright colors, cute faces and rad outfit. I have been wanting to create some Everyday Cosplay looks based on Inside Out and I thought “what a better place to share it than here on Agents of Geek?”. I know a lot of readers are probably big fans of the movie and have maybe thought about cosplaying from the movie. For those of you who aren’t hardcore cosplayers and want to wear your favorite emotion in your casual everyday wear, this post is for you!


Let’s break down the components of each character’s outfits:

Fear – He wear purple pants, a white button up with a plaid sweater vest over it and a red bow tie. You don’t have to do it exactly like his just take similar components and create your own Fear!

Disgust – She’s ENTIRELY green save for her scarf. So just grab a green dress, tights (or leggings if you’re more comfortable with those), a purple scarf and a maybe grab a green hat to just replicate her hair!

Sadness – Sadness just wears a chunky knit sweater and blue pants. If you want to replicate the hair, grab a blue hat.

Anger – Anger wears the most formal look out of everyone with a white button up, a tie (that’s got some red in it) and tweed pants. Tweed is not ideal for warm weather so if you’re wanting to rock Anger in the summer, go for a thinner slack for a more comfortable and breathable wear.

Joy – Joy is the most simple! She’s got a yellow dress with a design on it but a plain yellow dress should do. To bring in the blue from her hair again, grab a hat!

You seriously can’t go wrong with a hat to match hair colors you don’t have!

I really love the outfits in this movie. I would actually love to wear Disgust and Joy the most just because they’re so bright and fun colored!

Which emotion is your favorite?
Which emotion would you dress up as?

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