Weekly Pull List 06/03/2015: WICKED + DIVINE, SECRET WARS

This weekly pull list features the end of a few Image series current arcs, some new DC collections that have been long coming and some new Secret Wars tie-ins!


Baltimore-02Baltimore Cult of the Red King #2

Dark Horse
Mike Mignola (w)
Peter Bergting (a)

Lord Baltimore continues his hunt for the evil Red King. His enemies may be his friends as things continue to get darker for the tormented hero.









Grayson-Vol-01Grayson HC Vol. 01 Agents of Spyral

DC Comics
Tim Seeley (w)
Mikel Janin (a)

The first collection of Dick Grayson’s story after the events of Forever Evil is here! With Dick’s secret identity of Nightwing exposed to the world he faked his death and joined the secret spy organization known only as Spyral! Partnered with Helena Bertinelli he begins to uncover secrets that run deeper than he ever expected. Can he keep his lies, Helena’s and Spyral’s lies straight? With an all-star creative team this series has been a very popular re-invention of the original Boy Wonder.






Justice-League-01Justice League #41

DC Comics 
Geoff Johns (w)
Jason Fabok (a)

The first chapter of the Darkseid War is here in a extra-sized issue! As the Justice League looks for answers to some unsolved murders they are lead headlong in to a war between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. This series introduces Darkseid’s daughter and her connection to Wonder Woman. It will also see Batman face a temptation that even his iron will may not be able to withstand! Fabok is one of the best current artists on the DC team and Johns has proven time and time again that he can handle large cast epics like no one else! This is a must read for Justice League fans!





Swamp-Thing-vol-06Swamp Thing TPB Vol. 06 The Sureen

DC Comics
Charles Soule (w)
Javier Pina (a)

The Sureen, a group of Green worshipers approach Swamp Thing with an offer to turn Alec back in to a human! Swamp Thing and Capucine travel to India to get answers from the immortal, Vandal Savage.

Collects Swamp Thing #28-34 and certain pages from Aquaman #31







Autumnlands-06Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #6

Image Comics
Kurt Busiek (w)
Ben Dewey (a)

The finale to the first arc of this hit series! The direction of everything will change as the battle with the Bison finally arrives. With amazing art and a constantly evolving narrative this series can’t come more highly recommended for fantasy fans.








Death-Vigil-07Death Vigil #7

Image Comics
Stjepan Sejic (w/a)

After a far too long break Death Vigil returns! Clara, Mia and the others must work together to locate the enemies base and save Bernadette before Sam dies again! Only a few issues left in this awesome mini-series from comic creator all-star Sejic!









Wic-Div-11The Wicked and the Divine #11

Image Comics
Kieron Gillen (w)
Jamie McKelvie (a)

The last issue of the second story arc features some crazy Fandemonium at the Ragnarock. The cover says it all!










AvX-01Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #1

Marvel Comics
Skottie Young (w/a)

Skottie Young gets to go crazy like only he can in this adorable new Secret Wars story featuring the Avengers vs the X-Men. Just look at the cover, guaranteed fun!









Secret-Wars-03Secret Wars #3

Marvel Comics
Jonathan Hickman (w)
Esad Ribic (a)

The third issue in the over arcing Secret Wars mega event from Marvel. The last issue helped lay the foundation for just what exactly Battleworld is. What new answers will this issue bring?!









Check back next week for more Secret Wars tie-ins and new ongoing DC series! Things are “changing” up with the big two!



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