Weekly Pull List 6/24/2015: FIGHT CLUB 2, WE ARE ROBIN, X-MEN ’92

The weekly pull list is back after a short break. Things are back to normal with a well rounded assortment of issues. A few new (mini)series start this week while some others are just hitting their stride. Not a single series listed here today is above their 10th issue! A perfect time to dive in and grab back issues.


Fight-Club-02Fight Club 2 #2

Dark Horse Comics
Chuck Palahniuk (w)
Cameron Stewart (a)

Sebastian’s nice life is in jeopardy as Tyler Durden begins to surface more and more! Where will he take Sebastian? This new series is an immediate hit and a must have for fans of the movie or novel.









Deathstroke-7Deathstroke #7

DC Comics
Tony Daniel (w/a)

God Killer, the second arc of this hit series begins here! Hephaestus arms Slade with weapons fit to slay gods. So Slade heads out to do just that. Slade vs Olypmus! My money is on Deathstroke.










Suiciders-03Suiciders #5

DC/Vertigo Comics
Lee Bermejo (w/a)

In the penultimate issue of the first arc Straniero meets with The Saint’s manager. Is Straniero being set up? Maybe The Saint is the one being played? Things are up in the air and getting tense as the two lead fighters in the series come closer to their impending head on collision!









We-Are-Robin-01We are Robin #1

DC Comics
Lee Bermejo (w)
Rob Haynes (a)

The first issue in this new series features the return of Robin to Gotham. Not the Robin(s) readers will be familiar with though, this is a new gang of Robins! Teenagers all over Gotham organize to protect their city from the less desirable members of society! This is a new and very different take on Robins of the current Gotham from fan favorite creator Bermejo.








fade-out-07Fade-Out #7

Image Comics
Ed Brubaker (w)
Sean Phillips (a)

Charlie and the new blonde actress continue to grow closer. But who is using who? Things are getting more shady as the story unfolds only more questions arise. This story is a must have for Brubaker and Phillips fans.









wayward-09Wayward #9

Image Comics
Jim Zub (w)
Steven Cummings (a)

Things continue to get stranger for this book’s young heroes! This is part four of the five part second arc. Buffy and manga fans, I know I have said this before but you need to be checking this series out!









X-Men-92X-Men ’92 #1

Marvel Comics
Chris Sims (w)
Scott Koblish (a)

The animated X-Men from the hit 90’s show are here! In COMIC form! Enough said.










Ninjak-04Ninjak #4

Valiant Entertainment
Matt Kindt (w)
Margueritte Sauvage (a)

This issue is all about Roku! The deadly assassin, possibly Ninjak’s greatest foe has to come from somewhere, right? Read this to find out!










Pretty short and sweet list this week but there seems to be a healthy balance of publishers and story types for all sorts of readers.

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