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Welcome To Jurassic World – Top 5

Jurassic World hits theaters this Friday and today I wanted to share some really sweet Jurassic Park items with you all. There aren’t many Jurassic World items out yet but on the internet there are an abundance of really rad Jurassic Park stuff that can be added to any collection! Here are five Jurassic Park items that you really do need to have.



  1. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Clever Girl. This shirt is amazing. I love shirts that have puns on them and this one REALLY got me laughing at the sight of it. This shirt comes from the Etsy shop Skreened and will cost you $27.
  2. Now, if you’ve got $235 laying around to spend frivolously then why not spend it on a replica of the Barbasol Cryogenics Canister. I think every Jurassic Park fan has wanted one of these at some point and now you can through Etsy shop user SGZstore.
  3. SGZstore ALSO sells a replica of the Jurassic Park tour guide/brochure for about $5. Not bad to have a map of one of the greatest fictional parks of all time.
  4. I love movie art prints. So when I found a poster featuring the “You didn’t say the magic word!” hack over and over complete with the quote “God dammit! I hate this hacker crap!” I fell in love. This poster comes from user Pierre-Alain Dubois on Society6 and will cost somewhere bettern $15-$25 depending on what size you order.
  5. LASTLY, no Jurassic Park fan’s life is complete without having the DVD/Blu-Ray box set. This is on Amazon and will be $16 for DVD and $27 for Blu-Ray.

There are so many cool Jurassic Park items on the internet these are just a small few. I am currently waiting for the announcement of Jurassic World Funko’s (because I know they’re coming)!

Jurassic World hits theaters this coming Friday June 12.

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