AMC Backs New Horror Streaming Service: SHUDDER

Horror fans rejoice for there is now a streaming service just for us!

SHUDDER is the new subscription streaming service that has officially launched and you can stream all the horror films you want, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. You can stream instantly on your desktop, iOS and Android devices, as well as ROKU players and ROKU TV models.

Shudder offers a wide variety of films that spans all decades and subgenres of horror, from hard-to-find independent fare to cult grindhouse classics to Hollywood blockbusters. At launch, the list of titles in the Shudder library includes An American Werewolf in London, The Evil Dead, A Tale of Two Sisters,Deep Red, and Sleepaway Camp with more added on a regular basis. Shudder’s team of curators has secured a diverse and exceptional collection of classic, foreign, and independent films for launch and will continually add to the growing library over time. In addition to curating the best “Screams on Demand,” the Shudder team has organized their films into compelling collections including Slashics, Spectral Encounters, and Zombie Jamboree for easy discovery and to further develop the best experience for horror enthusiasts.

Shudder will continually add new titles to the service every month, and this month’s new additions include classic films like C.H.U.D., Re-Animator, Hellraiser, House, and The Hills Have Eyes (1977). The service also introduced two new collections this week: Eco Terror and Alien Intruders.

They had at me C.H.U.D.


Shudder is currently offering a 14 day trail and afterwards it will cost you $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. There is also Shudder.TV which is a free live stream service that will broadcast their line up 24/7. I logged on to check out their film selection and they have some good stuff like Monsters, Night of the Living Dead, Basket Case, The Stuff and GRACE. I also love that everything is categorized by themes like ALIEN INTRUDERS, PSYCHOS AND MADMEN, and FOUNDATIONS OF HORROR.

I think I have found a new streaming service. Visit Shudder for more information and to start your free 14 day trial.

About Shudder

Shudder is a diabolical new premium streaming video service, serving horror fans with curated worldwide programming ranging from hard-to-find independent fare to cult grindhouse classics to Hollywood blockbusters. Shudder has something for everyone, from the casual fan to the hardcore horror devotee. Backed by AMC Networks, Shudder’s growing library of curated horror is available ad-free and for unlimited viewing on Shudder’s website, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and the Roku platform with a free 14-day trial or $4.99 monthly/ $49.99 yearly membership. To sign up or learn more about Shudder, visit

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