Drop Everything A HELLO KITTY Film Is Happening

Drop those No. 2 Pochacco pencils and close your Bad Batz binders, A HELLO KITTY FILM IS HAPPENING!!! Seriously guys!! A Hello Kitty film is happening and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am over this news.

Sanrio, the company that designed the cute feline known as Hello Kitty (yes, I know it was mentioned that she’s not a cat but I’m not listening) announced on Thursday that they are planning to produce a feature film which is set to be released globally in 2019. The budget for the film though is no small potatoes either! It is estimated to be between $160 million and $240 million!!

2019? 2019? I have to wait that long for Hello Kitty’s first feature film? I guess I can wait till 2019 because there’s going to be a HELLO KITTY FILM!!!

Hello Kitty!

Now for the important questions, will Spottie Dottie be in it? How about Chococat? Kerokerokeroppi? Will Kiki and Lala make an appearance? Someone please answer my questions!

(Via: CBR)

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