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Johnny Ketchum here with what you may have missed in gaming news this week. This is a new thing we’re trying out here in the gaming section of Agents of Geek and we’d like your feedback! You can leave us a comment down below or contact us on Twitter and Facebook. Welcome to the gaming news roundup!

Allison Road P.T. Starting Point –
Allison Road is a indie game that gained notoriety right after P.T.,
the playable trailer by Hideo Kojima was pulled and Silent Hills cancelled.
While looking like it shares a similar play style to P.T., Allison Road creators
Lilith Ltd. want to prove the similarities end there.
Source: Polygon

Five Nights at Freddy’s Lands Director –
Five Nights at Freddy’s is a pretty popular game series, and with the
fourth installment being released last week it seems there will be more to come.
The series has garnished so much attention Warner Brothers is
going to release a movie, and they’ve just found their director.
While on the topic of Five Night at Freddy’s…
Source: Coming Soon

Five Night at Freddy’s Creator Responds to Haters –
Scott Cawthon, like you or I is a regular person. He’s had the lame day job,
but then one day created something everyone loved.
He then continued this and came out with a sequel to his hit game,
and another, and another. Because of this, and the lack
that some have in the original Five Night’s at Freddy’s
he’s garnished a bit of hate. He has now responded to the hate,
the best way you can. While I may not be super
interested in the game series myself, I’m not gonna hate
the guy for what he’s done for himself. Keep on wizardin‘ Scott.
Source: Kotaku

Capcom Asks Fans Why They’re Interested in RE2 Remake –
As we get closer to the release of the Resident Evil 0 Remake, Capcom
has reached out to fans to figure out what the hubbub about Resident
Evil 2 is all about. It’s been years that fans have been asking for a RE2
Remake so Capcom thought what’s better than engaging the fanbase.
Personally, I’m both welcoming to a remake, but also not demanding
one. I still own the original, so hey, I can go either way.
Source: Polygon

Nintendo Starting It’s Own Monthly Loot Subscription Box?
Would you buy into a Nintendo Loot Crate like subscription?
Well, we may be getting one! I for one would hop on that ASAP.
Source: WiiU Daily

Ubisoft Says Female Protagonist Not In Response to Critics
According to Ubisoft, it’s addition of a female protagonist in
Assassins Creed Syndicate was not due to pressure from critics.
whether this is true or not, let’s just be happy that they chose
to do something different anyway.
Source: Game Politics

Red Ash Fully Funded –
Comcept, who developed Mighty No. 9 has another game they were kickstarting.
Red Ash, a game that will fill the void for all of us longing for Mega Man Legends 3
has been funded by Fuze Entertainment. I for one, am excited.
Source: Gematsu

There you go, some of the most interesting news stories in gaming for this week. Well, that’s my opinion. What’s yours? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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