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If you love collecting Funko Pops, then Gemr is an app you probably want to download immediately. With Gemr, you can showcase your Funko collection and find out what they are worth and if you feel like parting with it, you can also sell them from within the app. It’s a very useful tool for finding the value of a particular Funko. I personally don’t feel the need to sell any of mine, but I like knowing what they’re worth and Gemr makes that easy!


So where do Funko fanatics go to share their latest finds? Gemr. With one of the most active Funko communities, Gemr is the ultimate social community for like-minded people to share photos, stories and talk about their interests and collections. Funko fans gathered on Gemr organically and their numbers continue to grow. Whether you’re a hardcore Funko Trekkie or you’re just dabbling- communities like Gemr help users find the value of their items and even spark curiosity to learn about new things.

Gemr is the social commerce marketplace where anyone can share pictures and stories about these items, discover their worth, and if they chose – buy, sell or trade them with other users. From the curious to the collector, Gemr’s vibrant community will share in your passion and help you discover the worth of your objects. Gemr provides real-time crowdsourced feedback and market valuation on items posted on the site. The company, headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, has raised $4.9M in Series A funding from a group of angel investors including Gary Sullivan and James B. Hawkes.

You can find out more about Gemr and download the app here.

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Travis Grimm

Travis Grimm

Travis has been a self-proclaimed geek ever since being introduced to Star Wars before he could speak. He spends most of his free time reading comics, watching TV, collecting toys, blogging, and traveling the US to attend all sorts of conventions. He also likes coffee quite a bit.

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