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Kontrol Freek’s Grips Review

With EVO 2015 ending this past weekend, I go through the same obsession I do every year; fighting games. I’m a bit of a novice at fighting games, but I’ve always loved them. Back in middle school it was Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 that I was obsessed with, and now it’s Ultra Street Fighter IV. While most pro fighting game players use joypads, I’m not that advanced so I just use my controller.

While it’s not the ideal situation, seeing as a controller can get really sweaty and slippery pretty fast it’s great when things like Kontrol Freek’s Grips come along. Thanks to Kontrol Freek I’ve found myself being able to play for a longer time period with no issues. The Grips themselves were easy to apply to the PS4 controller and even after having a misstep, it was easy to take off and reapply without losing it’s adhesiveness. The non-slip adhesive made applying the Grips to my controller pretty easy. The foam layer of the Grips are breathable, and comfortable. It makes you feel like nothing is there at all.


I know what you’re thinking, after some time it’s gotten get smelly, lose it’s grip or become irritating, we’ve seen stuff like this before. No, I can honestly say after hours upon hours of hardcore gaming, it did not smell, it never felt uncomfortable, and it never lost its grip. There’s not many products out that I could say this for, and honestly this is one that surprised me. I initially thought as you might, this is gonna wear out immediately and then i’m out $13 dollars! Well, after four weeks of using them they still feel fine, and I’ve even repositioned them onto a new controller and did so easily! If you’re looking for more Grip, and something to handle some hardcore fighting game action, I suggest trying out Kontrol Freek’s Grips if you’re planning on using a control like me that is.


The Kontrol Freek Grips are $12.99 for either Playstation 4 or Xbox One consoles now! Go check them out at

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