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Mobile Game, MAGE AND MINIONS, Gets First Major Expansion

Mage and Minions is one of the top rated mobile RPG’s out there. This past year has seen the mobile game go to new heights, so of course when something becomes that loved by the public, said public demands more. So that’s what Mage and Minions did. Giving fans an expansion that’s been in the making for quite sometime, you’ll be exploring even more of the game in an expansion titled “Act III: Pyramids of the Gods,” and  “offers Mage and Minions fans many new game levels, a richer storyline, over 200 character voice recordings, an overhauled statistics system, and a higher level cap ­­ to wage war with even deadlier efficiency.

More info on the expansion and what you can expect:

Mage and Minions immerses players in a visually stunning fantasy world with science fiction
undertones where players tap to explore or attack, and draw symbols to trigger devastating
spells and abilities. Viscerally satisfying touch mechanics established Mage and Minions as the
first action RPG truly designed for mobile devices. John Welch, CEO of Making Fun, is excited
to share Pyramids of the Gods with fans and new players alike: “This is a rich game reminiscent
of the great Diablo series ­ in the palm of your hand. Battle, collect loot, and craft items to grow
in might. Draw a rune over a hoard of particularly nasty enemies to unleash your fury. Watch
them burn, freeze, or get slashed apart. The power feels awesome!”

Players’ hero characters now shout battle cries as they unleash devastating new powers like Singularity on hapless foes. “This expansion is all about action, with new abilities designed to further enhance the player’s feeling of power and mastery,” explains Adrian Zaharia of
Snowglobe Games, Making Fun’s development partner. “Encounters are won by split second
decisions and clever use of your skills. For example, triggering the new mage ability Death from
Above makes you rise above the battlefield and bombard an area with a hail of fireballs. Use it
to obliterate a pack of monsters, but time it well to also evade a powerful attack! That decision
can make the difference between losing or winning an encounter.”

In this third Act of the story, players hack and slash through the treacherous jungles, pyramids, and deserts of Nirgal, the rusty planet in Elderath’s sky, inhabited by a species of blood­thirsty reptilian aliens, the Aztrak. Players must develop fantastical powers, hone their combat skills,
and collect loot, armor, and weapons to fight real­time battles against hordes of skeletons,
robots, beasts, demons, aliens, and dragons ­ to halt the evil Lord Ragadam’s apocalyptic plan.
“The universe of Elderath comes into its own,” explains Serban Serafimescu of Snowglobe
Games. “The stories of the Demon Magroth, the Broken Dragon, Gorgona, Elban the Demiurge,
the Lifecrafting of Levania, the Aztrak, the fall of the cities of Nirgal, and the overarching plan of
Ragadam are meshing together ­ answering many of the players’ questions, and opening other
mysteries for the future.”



Mage and Minions is now available on all U.S. mobile app stores. Visit here for more info.

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