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Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, 55, Passed Away

Today is a sad day for the gaming world. The CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has passed away. He was 55 years old. Nintendo Co., Ltd reported that Iwata passed away on July 11th due to a bile duct growth. His absence from last year’s E3 was from his battle with the growth that was discovered on his bile duct for the last couple years.

Working at Nintendo in the 80s as a programmer, Iwata worked at the HAL Laboratory. The eponymous Dream Land in Kirby’s debut on the Game Boy in 1992 and it’s success can be attributed to Iwata. In 2000, he became the director of the company and in May of 2002 appointed to President of Nintendo.

Iwata always focused on the accessibility and open communications with fans. While hosting “Iwata Asks” he gained admiration for being friendly and having a irreverent attitude. This also helped opened up the secretiveness of the Nintendo company by having game developer interviews.


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Source: IGN.com

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