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Scream Factory The Outing / The Godsend – Blu-ray Review

I am back with another Scream Factory double feature Blu-ray review. This time it’s all about an ancient genie, a demon child being well, a demon child and of course, death! Scream Factory presents the double Feature The Outing and The Godsend.

The Outing

The Outing is the story of an ancient artifact that has murderous tendency or at least the beginning of the film is trying to tell us. Years later a group of jerks are ransacking an old lady’s house, getting all killed by the same mystical artifact which turned out to be a lamp. Said lamp gets sent to a local museum because it looks old so it must be valuable.  This where the fun starts or at least it tries to be fun. The daughter of the curator, Alex finds the lamp in their lab and gets entranced by it’s amazing power. The next day her class is brought to the museum, she gets possessed by the genie, her group of friends stay behind to have a sleep over, where drinking, laughs, and sleazy sex happens. The genie ends up out of the lamp and start killing the teens. The movie had a few good moments but it wasn’t my favorite of the films I have reviewed. I’m not sure who was editing this film but they had no idea what they were doing. The editing is so problematic for me that it made the film kinda hard to enjoy. One does get the gist of the story but I have questions like what happened to the guard that Alex sent downstairs? One of the friends is last seen yelling so what happened? And what the hell is the lamp exactly? No effort was made to really explain it. I will say, I do love the genie. It’s pretty great for something from the 80s.

The Godsend

The Godsend is the story of a family who invites a pregnant woman into their home, she has the baby and the next morning leaves without the kid. The mom – Kate decides to adopt the child doesn’t matter that her and husband have 4 kids already. Slowly their biological children start dying and the husband – Alan starts suspecting the little girl. I enjoy films about demonic children but this film was missing something. I love the little girl Bonnie and the biological children but the parents just sleep walk through the film and “Hey, one child has died by drowning but let’s let the other ones run loose without some supervision.” They don’t show or focus to long on the death of the kids so that could be a good thing for some. This film was my favorite of the two but that is not saying a lot.

Both films had some great transfers to HD and I didn’t notice any sound issues at all. The only extras on the disc is a trailer for The Godsend and nothing for The Outing. I know there a lot of folks who love extras, I’m all about trailers especially for stuff I have never seen but this disc is really lacking.

Besides the editing issues in The Outing and the “I’m tired and oblivious” parents in The Godsend, the films can be a fun time with friends. Pick up the disc, watch it, and come back and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The Outing The Godsend Double Feature


The Outing / The Godsend is available now at Shout! Factory!

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