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Once in a while, a movie comes along that creates a following like no other. You have your cult films, you have your saga’s, and your trilogies. In my opinion next to Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s no greater fanbase then the fanbase of Robert Zemeckis’ Back To The Future Trilogy. As a fanbase we’ve kept this 30 year old movie alive and well, and discuss it all the time. There’s no need for prequels, no need for a reboot, just a damn well and heartfelt letter of endearment documentary.

This is the case in Back In Time, and while it’s crazy to think we are in the midst of the 30th anniversary for the first film, it’s good to see the fanbase has never waned, only grown exponentially through the decades as fans have raised their kids, and introduced them to Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the Delorean. While Jason and I didn’t get the chance to meet face to face at the con due to some schedule conflicts, it was amazing nonetheless to be able to email with him about the documentary, and get you all some answers about the film, and what inspired him to make the film, Back In Time.


Johnny Ketchum: Hey Jason thank you for taking the time to get back to me! I just watched the trailer and I’ve gotta say, I am so excited to see this documentary. Like you, I assume, I’m a huge nerd for Back To The Future, but what inspired you to make this film?

Jason Aron: Fandom first.  I was always a huge fan of the movie since I was a kid. The tipping point for me however, was during the making of a Bar Mitzvah film.  A father had written a script for his son which had a huge Back to the Future element to it and they rented a Delorean as a prop.  The day we were shooting, people would stop their cars in the middle of the street, get out and take pictures of the car.  I was so shocked by this, and realized what kind of a cultural impact Back to the Future had.  I figured – why not make a documentary about this.

JK: With stuff like the Back To The Future Lego set, and the telltale game, did you think this is just the best time for it?

JA: I think the best words to describe the timing were convenience and serendipity.  Once I had the seed planted in my head, with the 30th anniversary of the film being just over 2 years away, the idea of making this film FOR the 30th anniversary seemed nothing short of perfect.  I assumed we’d have the perfect amount of time to complete it.  Of course, now as we scramble to finish post production, I wish I could use the time machine to buy some more time.


JK: Being that we’re in the year 2015 and Back To The Future 2’s setting, were you just as pumped as I was to see a working hoverboard?

JA: Seeing a working hoverboard was amazing.  Actually riding it with my entire crew – life changing!  The Hendo hoverboard is a magnificent work of engineering.  Greg and Jill Henderson are amazing people, and I can safely say after numerous conversations with Greg I have no idea what he’s talking about – the man’s a genius.  But, the sheer excitement that they are making products just because they appeared in a movie almost 30 years ago is as amazing to me as I know it is to co-writer of the trilogy, Bob Gale.  I hope this product can go into mass production and everyone can experience riding on air.

JK: Speaking on 2015, wouldn’t it be just the craziest thing if the Cubs do indeed win the World Series? They’re actually a pretty good team this year, and while it’s still early I couldn’t imagine how many minds would be blown if this did happen.


JA: For those that know the story, the Cubs joke was written as a knock on the cubs.  Bob Gale is a huge Cardinals fan, and of course wants nothing more than to rejoice in the Cubs misery year after year.  As we have this conversation over the All-Star break, the Cubs are 8 games back of said Cardinals. I will say though at a recent dinner with Bob, I told him if the Cubs somehow find a way to win the World Series this year, he and Zemeckis will be the biggest clairvoyants of all-time… he laughed and smiled.

JK: That’s absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see more on this and if you don’t mind can you explain the documentary and give us a planned release date for our fans?


JA: Were looking at the cultural relevance of Back to the Future 30 years later.  Starting with some amazing back-stories from the men and women that lived it – some stories never told before – we then travel through time and examine amazing fan stories from people that have been influenced by the trilogy.  In fact, we have over 15 fan vignettes in our film that cover everything from outright fun to amazingly inspirational, and everything in between.  It’s a feel good film that will appeal from the most hardcore BTTF fan down to the person that may have only seen the movie once.  We plan on releasing the film the day that Marty went into the future – October 21, 2015.  For more information you can visit our website at

Thank you again Jason Aron for your time, I know you are a busy, busy man right now and am honored to have gotten the chance to get some answers and more details about this film! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Back To The Future vinyl calling my name to play some Power Of Love.

If you want more info and to watch the trailer to Back In Time you can head on over to their website and check out all the great stuff they have going on leading to the film’s release!

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