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THE STRAIN Review – “By Any Means”

Incase you missed my review of the season two premiere, you can read it here.

The Strain came back with a pretty strong premiere. It had everything we craved from the first season, while introducing some new creatures in the mix. Sadly, that streak ended very quickly because episode 2 has brought us right back to the start- lots of talking, not enough vampires.  Yes, a vampire story shouldn’t just feature vampires. It needs a backstory and a history to follow. The Strain gives us both those and while I actually really enjoyed the flashbacks in this episode, it didn’t satisfy me enough to make me forget the endless dialogue.


But while I did find most of this episode to go on and on, I did enjoy a few parts that really stood out. One of those is the experimenting on the McGeevers. It was interesting to see this new take on the Strigoi. Examining them up close, trying to figure out what can kill them, it was all fascinating. I am glad that Eph asked for their permission first. Another part I enjoyed was the closer look at the Feelers who creepy. They’re like little spiders, but human sized and not human. Again, super creepy!


Eh. My only response to this episode of The Strain. Like I mentioned in my season premiere review, I thought this show was righting its wrongs, but this episode didn’t feel like the second episode of the season, more like a filler in between a bigger storyline. While I did enjoy some of the key parts, like experimenting on the McGeevers and the Feelers, I just found this episode to be quite slow, compared to the insanely great season premiere.

What did you think?

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