ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Gets Some New ‘Kick-Ash’ Art

Ash vs. Evil Dead is almost upon us! Okay, maybe not. We still have till October 31st, but I am counting down the days till my favorite show of the year is ready for multiple, non-stop viewings. To us even more excited for the premiere, Starz has released some brand new art that is screaming to be adorned on every wall ever. Check out the precious below.

EDS1_KeyArt_Vert_1200x1800_FinalAsh vs. Evil Dead premiere October 31st at 9pm on Starz.

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Travis Grimm

Travis Grimm

Travis has been a self-proclaimed geek ever since being introduced to Star Wars before he could speak. He spends most of his free time reading comics, watching TV, collecting toys, blogging, and traveling the US to attend all sorts of conventions. He also likes coffee quite a bit.

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