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Spiritual Successor to Mega Man 20XX Beta Will Launch Sept 15

Right now is the best time to be a Mega Man fan, while we all wait for Might No. 9 we will be getting another Mega Man like game titled 20xx. From a successful Kickstarter, and since then the team at Batterystaple Games has worked endlessly to bring us 20XX. 

The gameplay features two player co-op, and is very reminiscent of a Mega Man X game with beautifully hand drawn 2D graphics.

I got to play a little of this game and I’ve got a bit to say about it! First off, it truly is beautiful, it controls nicely, and is very much so what you’d expect a good new (CAPCOM BURRRNN) Mega Man X game  to play like. I like the addition of level randomizing but gosh, do I hate me some ice stages. Nonetheless 20XX is worth a look and  you must mind that it is still in Alpha and updates seem to be being made every other day.

The beta for 20XX will launch September 15 on Steam and we’ll talk more about it then! Until then, have fun with this game!

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Johnny Ketchum

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