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THE STRAIN Review – “Fort Defiance”

Another week, another episode of The Strain. Each episode has been fluctuating between “Wow! This is amazing!” to “….was that it?!”. Like last episode, “Fort Defiance” proved to be of the slower pace, given the beginning, which was pretty frightening. I always find things I like throughout each episode, but when thinking back to the premiere, this wasn’t my least favorite episode of the season, but it wasn’t my favorite either.

“Fort Defiance” decided to bring the show us that flashbacks are something of the past, at least for now. Offering us no flashbacks whatsoever, I honestly believe that tactic hurts the quality and pace of the show. What made the first episode so great was the flashbacks to Setrakian’s past. It got the audience intrigued and most importantly, excited. But while that was a slight disappointment on my end, I did end up enjoying certain aspects of the episode.

maxresdefaultFor one, I found the opening scene with the swarm of Strigoi to be very interesting and also very creepy. To see that this man, Gus, has an army of his own vampires makes me excited for future episodes and whats to come in this all out war in New York. But when looking at the Master, I think the thing that sticks out most to me is that these aren’t ordinary vampires, they’re almost regular people, just with a different obstacle to tackle. They all have set goals and desires and will do whatever they need to achieve them. So while I may not enjoy certain parts of The Strain, I have to admit that the characters, referring to the Master and Strigoi, are original and nothing short of amazing.

While I did enjoy the opening scene, the ending where Eph and Nora leave us with a tease at what’s to come was definitely one of the highlights of the episode, especially when thinking of what’s to come. For those who haven’t watched, I’ll remain spoiler free, but for those who have watched, do you think it’ll work? Let’s chat in the comments below!

The Strain airs Sunday at 10pm on FX.

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