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THE STRAIN Review – “The Silver Angel”

Tonights premiere of an all new episode of The Strain has risen to my second favorite episode of the season, right behind the premiere. We had flashbacks, some exciting developments in the plot, and some freaky scenes involving the strigoi.

“The Silver Angel” definitely had its slow moments, but they were few to none and the pacing, while not fast, didn’t feel too sluggish, except for the opening seven minutes. (Seriously, what the heck was that all about?) My biggest complaint would be that we were introduced to a brand new character, Angel Guzman Hurtado, a former wrestler and movie star. The Strain has such a huge cast of characters that it’s already hard to keep up with whose doing what and when, so to introduce a new character who, as we already can tell, requires flashbacks, was probably the last thing we needed. Where does Angel fit into the story is still unknown, but it looks like he’ll possibly be a big player in this war.

Again, The Strain always has some key moments and one of those was the attack on the stock market, featuring all of the strigoi attacking all the business man. It was brutal, but pretty fun to watch. This is a vampire show after all.

strain-bolivar-720x479For everyone who watched last weeks episode, I’m sure, just like me, you were curious as to what would come of Eph and Nora’s little experiment. We learned about it slowly throughout the episode, with a final reveal that they were successful in infecting more strigoi, making for one big creep suicide scene amongst the strigoi, who were commanded to do so by the Master. This whole scene proves that Eph has an upper hand and that sooner or later, if Eph plays his cards right, will have an equal chance in this war.

All in all, it was a pretty good episode. I didn’t find myself wondering from the screen too much and the flashback returning was definitely a good approach. I also enjoyed the scenes between Eph and Zach, which was surprisingly well done. In total, it was definitely was a step up from last weeks episode.

The Strain airs at 10PM on FX.

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