As we creep closer to the release of HALO 5 we’re starting to see some cool HALO merch. One of my favorite pieces of merch so far has to be these HALO MEGABLOKS sets! The sets I’ve received for review are the UNSC Attack Gausshog, and Covenant Commander.


The gausshog set has 229 pieces and looks amazing once built, while the covenant commander has 116 pieces. They’re both fairly quick and easy to build, and look amazing on your shelving afterward!


If displaying them isn’t your thing and you’d rather play with your HALO MEGABLOKS, you can do that as well! The way the gausshog is designed allows for the vehicle to be driven around after being built! Also, as an added bonus in the gausshog package I received a game item download card for HALO 5! What in the world? This game isn’t even out yet, and you’re already giving me added content?! No way!  Yes way, and it’s pretty rad.


The Covenant Commander set is on sale for $9.99 as well as the the UNSC Attack Gausshog on sale for $24.99 both are Age 8+ and hey guess what, MEGABLOKS has two other sets as well! I suggest getting at them as fast as possible because usually stuff like this sells out quick!

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