I’m a big fan of art books. I love flipping through them and seeing the different strokes of colors on the page. It’s just a beautiful thing to see someone bring something to life, may it be a person, a vehicle, a terrain, their own imagination. I have enjoyed the work of Dave Seeley for a while so when the opportunity to review a book of his work came around, I jumped on it.

Art of Dave Seeley

An acclaimed artist whose illustrations have appeared on a rich spectrum of eye-catching book covers, Dave Seeley is one of the most exhilarating illustrators working in the science fiction/fantasy genre. A self-confessed “image junkie,” Seeley absorbs a huge amount of visual material when seeking inspiration for his pieces. He then creates his final illustrations using a broad range of artistic methods, merging together elaborate digital backgrounds, images of live models and hand-built props, and exquisite pencil drawings and paintings. The results are astonishing, as Seeley seamlessly forges these disparate artworks into imagery of unparalleled imagination, scope, and beauty.

The Art of Dave Seeley (Insight Editions / $50.00 / September 2015) brings together the very best of his work, encompassing the worlds of literature, movies, video games, and beyond. Renowned for his hugely evocative Star Wars book covers, including the iconic Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor wraparound jacket, Seeley has also created art for such properties as Halo, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens vs. Predator, The Fast and the Furious, and the popular Deathlands novels. This deluxe volume showcases Seeley’s diverse body of work with over 200 images from throughout his career, while also offering fascinating insights into his process and creative drive. Visually stunning, comprehensive, and utterly compelling, The Art of Dave Seeley is a unique journey into the creative world of a master of genre illustration.

When the book arrived, I was not expecting it to be as big as it was. The trim size of the book is 9.25 x 12.75. A nice size to be able to enjoy the art work. The paper is a nice thick material and the colors are crisp and vibrant. Each illustration that was chosen for the book is amazing and blew me away. The book is broken into 8 sections starting with his origins story. I want to mention the introduction was really funny because yes, I jumped right into flipping the pages and enjoying the art. It’s what he wrote in the intro. I’m guilty of jumping right in!

The Art of Dave Seeley

The book brings you into his creative world of making these beautiful illustrations. It talks about fusing old and new media to bring these amazing final products which are just breath taking. He takes known properties such as ALIENS vs Predator and Star Wars and makes it his own. I absolutely loved the illustration of ALIENS vs Predator. It’s one of my favorite franchise. There is just something mind blowing of the art that kept making me say wow every time I turned a page. When I came across full layout pages which involved cityscape, the perspective was just perfect in my opinion.

You also to get read about his process in creating and it’s just inspiring to see what works. Like I mentioned above, Seeley takes both the old (photographs, oils, paintings, drawings) and the new (digital) and get them to work together and mesh flawlessly. You just see the realism in the work.

The Art of Dave Seeley

I recommend you pick up The Art of Dave Seeley if you are a fan of his work. It’s an amazing collection and showcases all the different styles, creations, franchises, that he has done. If you have not heard of Dave Seeley but adore looking at great art, this book is perfect for you as well. I believe you can’t go wrong with owning this beautiful book.

You can order your copy of The Art of Dave Seeley at Insight Editions now. 

Photo provided by Insight Editions © 2015 Dave Seeley. All rights reserved.

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