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THE STRAIN Review – “The Born”

First off, sorry for the late review! I’ve been prepping for some cons and also traveling to some cons, so time hasn’t been a thing I’ve had as of late. But here we are, ready to tackle one of the latest episodes of The Strain called “The Born”. Forewarning, I don’t go into too much detail on the episode, only because, honestly, I didn’t find it that entertaining.

Like past episodes, “The Born” remained a bit flat to me. Again, I appreciate what The Strain sets out to do. It tells a vampire tale that transcends most others, story wise, but it just has one problem that remains: it can be slow. Like I’ve said before, some people may find this story telling perfectly fine, but it makes for a less heightened viewing experience. And while that is usually my only complaint, I do always seem to find something great about The Strain that makes me want to tune in again and again.

the-strain-150823“The Born” is the title of this episode, but is also another name for Quinlan aka The Barbarian Gladiator aka the Knight Demon of Sicily aka a lot of other names. He’s had so many names and identities throughout history that it’d be impossible to track them all down. He’s a cool looking character, battling people… all in the sun? Yes, that actually happened. Turns out he’s half strigoi, half human. (How does that work? I hope we find out.) The character of Quinlan is so fascinating and I loved seeing some more of his back story. And while this episode does try to keep the spotlight on Quinlan, it does show us what the other characters are up to. This is where the episodes gets off track and really slows down what Quinlan had just built up.

strain20702090dhires1jpg-6c5f77While I do wish the episode would have stayed on Quinlan more, I am glad we got some answers, even if they were disappointing. The most disappointing moment, to me, is finding out that Eph’s trip to Washington was cut short. It seemed like that whole exciting arc will be no more, but then again I haven’t read the books. I really hope they continue on trying to spread there cure/disease because it’s honestly what got me really excited to tune into each weeks episode. That and the strigoi, of course.

The Strain airs Sundays at 10pm on FX.


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