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Top 5 Ways WIX Is Changing The Internet

Wix is a website builder that has proven itself time after time to be one of the easiest platforms to this date. Easy drag ’n drop features make this platform simple for newbies and also for seasoned website building veterans. But Wix isn’t just another drag n’ drop platfrom, Wix has simply revolutionized how we make a website, the time we put into it, the detail, etc, We’ve compiled a simple list of reasons as to why Wix is changing the internet for the better. (Also as to why you should simply try out Wix because it really is a handy website.)

1. Wix is the only drag n’ drop website with HTML5 capabilities, which means loads of ways to customize posts featuring a new doc type, figure elements, and a wide array of other features which not only make website building easier, but gives another customizable element. The ability to have HTML 5 capabilities is a feature that only Wix has, making it already a more notable choice when looking for an easy website builder.

I honestly don’t use a whole load of these features, only because I’m not sure what a lot of that means. Again, this is why I use Wix. Because it gives me the freedom I need to do what I want, while guiding me since I’m an HTML newbie. It’s really easy and really simple and has actually taught me caught a bit about designing. Basically, beginners, have no fear!

2. Like I said above, Wix is very customizable, so you have loads of mixed pre-installed layouts to choose from, that can be customized extensively. You can also bring in your own templates you’ve made yourself. And not only can you customize your template, Wix also offers top hosting and the ability to add apps to your site, which works as different types of widgets. You can add Shopify, maps, events, Facebook, Mail Chimp, and lots more. If you’re tired of websites like WordPress limited to what you can and can’t add, then Wix is definitely a right choice.

While it does take a little bit to get used to, once you do, Wix is simply a fun tool for designers alike. You could spend hours browsing and perfecting your website, which is a great thing in todays market. Loads of themes and customization make for a fun time killer and also for great looking website.

3. And while Wix is free to use, they do offer a wide variety of subscriptions with a variety of extra goodies thrown in. This can range from domains, apps, to the host, etc, . Over the past 5+ years, almost all members are still active to this day. This is a great sign because it shows that Wix still manages to keep up with the changing world of the internet and pleases its customers with continuous updates, making it, yet again, a top choice among places to host your website.

I personally like the free version, but only because I mainly use my website for sharing opinion pieces, articles I’ve written, etc, and it’s perfectly fine with me. But if you’re looking for a more professional route, I’d definitely recommend one of the subscription based services, especially if worried about the domain and getting VIP customer service treatment.

4. With Wix, you get unlimited support from them. There’s a wide variety of questions you can look over with accompanying answers. But if you can’t find your answer listed in the “Support” section of the website, you can get ahold of customer service at Wix anytime from 6am-5pm PST or schedule a call with them in advance., but you can also post to the Wix Support forum 24/7 including holidays – response times are good and usually range from 2-6 hours.

5. But how is Wix truly changing the internet? It’s simplicity. It’s such an easy to use platform that anyone can use it. It’s broad design makes it simple for people new to website building to people who have had experience. You can either go simple with a simple template or you can design and build your own. Yes, you can design and customize your site on a number of other websites, but the simplicity and ability to customize it to this degree is almost nonexistent in other platforms. This kind of simpleness will open a door to many who want to spread their writing, open a shop, or just share their love of photography. It’s a pretty, perfect, and simple platform that will transcend and grow with the internet over the years.

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