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Bob’s Burgers “The Hauntening” Recap

On this weeks Bob’s Burgers we got a new Halloween episode and probably one of it’s best ones. We all know that the Belchers are a crazy family but they brought scary with them this time. They did the one thing I never thought they’d do and that was legitimately scare the heck out of Louise. But she did ask for it so it’s okay. I don’t mean in a she deserved it kind of way. From the beginning of the episode, she’s been asking to be scared and frigthen finally. She wanted that heart pounding sensation her siblings get when they get scared. And kudos to Bob and Linda for being the masterminds that they were in this episode. They really stepped their game up and seriously went all out for this. I have a new found respect for thier new level of scare tactics. It’s clear that Halloween episodes are a must watch when it comes to Bob’s Burgers. They’ve proven it in previous episodes and this one is no different.


Wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, Bob and Linda decides to take the kids to a haunted house. Louise wants to skip out of the trip and feels that since she can tell when she is about to scared, she can’t get excited or feel the rush of being frighten. Bob assures her that this year won’t be like the rest as he and Linda had put in a weeks worth of planning for this haunted house. She doesn’t really believe them but she comes along anyway. When they arrive at the unfamiliar but old house, the kids give their parents a few extra minutes to set up. Once inside it’s a lot less scary than what they were promised earlier. With this poor excuse for a haunted house, Louise decides to scary her parents instead. When the Bob and Linda notice that the kids haven’t fallen for one of their next trick, they see the back door open and frantically searches for them. After popping out from a pile of leaves, scaring Bob and Linda, it’s was decided that they should just go home as whatever they were trying to do wasn’t working. While trying to leave, they run into an unexpected problem of a flat tire. The stare of the creepy looking neighbor with a pair of sheers in his hands wasn’t helping. Having to now stay and wait for a tow truck, they stay in the house but start to hear strange noises.


The family decides to investigate together so no one would be by themselves. From a jacket on coat rack to someone trying to open the front door, the Belchers end up founding themselves in a bathroom for protection. Whoever was at the front door is was now at the bathroom door. The Belchers then escape out a window and see 3 mysterious people set a ring of fire around the house. The terror wasn’t over just yet as the mysterious person was now by the window they just escaped. Louise looks back and sees it’s the creepy neighbor guy with the sheers. Letting out a huge scream, Bob and Linda reveals it was all a trick to scare her. Gene even took a picture of her momentous horror. The plan and all who was involved was revealed. Once all was said and done, Louise couldn’t be more happy (and still shaken) by all of this. She got what she wanted and a family hug was shared among the Belchers.

The episode didn’t end there, for some reason. We got to see a Halloween themed music video from Boyz 4 Now called “I Love USo Much (It’s Scary).” We see the kids are watching on a computer which they eventually start singing including Bob and Linda.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays at 7:3o p.m. on Fox

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